5 Fashion tips for men to look stunning on any occasion.

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Why should women have all the fun in fashion? You are not required to compete with anyone (as far as physical appearance is concerned). You will rise high in the fashion league and look the best version of yourself, always, if you use the top 5 fashion tips for men outlined in this article! Below are the fashion tips for men from designer Brent Emerson from north carolina.

  • Get rid of the flares in your trouser pockets

Are you unsure what pocket flairs are? It’s merely another euphemism for those pants pockets that are too big to close. Your hips will appear wider if the pocket gaps are wider. If your pants are excessively tight or too close to your hips, your trouser pockets will take on an odd form. To keep your trousers from flaring out, get them changed and, if necessary, change the pocket type from vertical to front pockets.

  • Get a haircut and style your bushy hair

No, we’re not talking about the haircut you get at the neighborhood barbershop every one or two months. We want to go to a competent hairstylist in your area and get a suitable haircut that suits your face shape when we ask you to get a haircut. It will cost you more money than going to a neighborhood barbershop, but the result you will get from a professional hairdresser will be worth much more. Always remember that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all haircut, so you’ll need a haircut that’s specifically matched to your face shape.

  • Make use of optical illusions to make yourself appear more attractive

When it comes to fashion, optical illusions can make you appear taller or slimmer. If you don’t have a tall frame, wearing a jacket with a short overall length will make your legs appear longer. Another simple style hack is to remove the cuffs from your trousers, which do not make your legs appear slimmer. Wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal on shirts to create a perfect optical illusion of being taller than your actual height.

  • Discover how to roll your sleeves like a pro

Although insignificant, the way you roll up your shirt sleeves has a significant impact on your outlook. If you’ve been carelessly rolling your sleeves, resulting in uneven, sloppy creases, you only have yourself to blame. Roll your sleeves like a man by following these steps:

  • Unbutton your cuffs and extend your sleeves completely.
  • After bending the sleeve at the cuff, curl it upward and over.
  • Roll it up to your elbow, making sure there are no creases.

  • Wear a tie that will turn heads

People frequently have a dozen ties in their closets that they use at random and without much thinking. A strong monochrome tie will make you look like a boss among your fellow companions and colleagues if you need to project authority. Darker hues with brilliant yet subtle patterns are another appealing option. A premium quality tie with darker or solid colors makes you stand out from the crowd whether you’re wearing a suit, jacket, or just a dress shirt.

Thus, follow these simple tips to look stunning in any occasion. These tips of Brent Emerson are very useful, Brent Emerson, with stores in North Carolina and Arizona filled with latest Men’s collection.