Advantages of Vacuum Cleaner Casting for Rapid Prototyping

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If you’re wondering what one of the most cost-efficient way to make any kind of model is, it may be time to set your sights on vacuum casting. Vacuum casting sometimes described as urethane spreading or polyurethane casting– was first created in Europe in the 1960s and has because become one of the most extensively utilized techniques for the development of plastic prototypes.

Vacuum cleaner casting is a flexible and also efficient method for making top quality quick prototypes and end-use parts in reduced volumes, and is substantially faster than other making processes. The procedure uses pourable spreading materials as well as silicone molds (which can be reused about 20 times) to make ideal duplicates of master patterns, Such copies are useful in many methods, consisting of for functional testing, engineering screening, item development, as display screen models as well as for advertising as well as crowdfunding campaigns.

1. Top quality

The high quality of cast parts is outstanding, easily replicating also extremely great surface area details from the initial. This is why it’s so vital to prepare the master patterns meticulously. Vacuum spreading creates top quality duplicates with superb surface details. Completed duplicates can be painted, published, or machined as needed to enhance look and function. People that are new to this solution are frequently stunned by the fidelity to the original, which can easily be misinterpreted for a plastic injection formed part.

2. Rate

Compared to the time it takes to make automation hard devices out of steel– which might take a couple of weeks– parts can be prepared and also delivered in a matter of days, relying on the dimension as well as quality of your parts. This can be a vital aspect if you’re trying to fulfill a limited due date, like getting display models prepared for an upcoming trade convention or crowdfunding campaign, as an example.

3. Adaptability

There are lots of casting materials readily available that reproduce the look, really feel and also mechanical efficiency of the majority of conventional thermoforming materials like nylon, ABDOMINAL or polyethylene. This suggests you do not require to give up performance for speed or benefit. As well as for even more choices, urethanes of various types can be overmolded to produce different surface appearances and firmness in one system.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Once the master patterns have actually been prepared, vacuum cleaner casting is the most affordable means to make top notch replicas. This is due to the fact that cash is not being invested in making tough tools, as would certainly hold true for plastic injection molding or stress die casting. That financial savings, consequently, can be invested in further item growth or alternative style iterations.

Even more, the process makes use of much less electrical power than shot molding, pass away casting or CNC machining. That expense would otherwise be passed on to the client. Taken with each other, the savings on tooling, products, energy and labor costs can be considerable.


With the large array of advantages of vacuum casting for quick models, it could be a good idea to purchase a vacuum cleaner casting solution. We have every little thing in-house to use a fantastic vacuum casting solution for fast models and end-use components. With our knowledgeable staff, finishing services and also top quality examination, you’ll get production high quality parts at a fraction of the manufacturing rate. Upload your CAD files now for a totally free quotation.