5 living room aesthetics you cannot miss out on this winter.

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If you are looking for trays to liven up your room, there are several ways to enhance the aesthetic of your living room with wood trays you can use a wood tray as a centrepiece on your coffee table, and style it with candles, flowers,and other ornaments, or put a wood tray on your bookshelf or fireplace mantel and use it to showcase miniature bouquets, statues, or other ornaments.

Here are five living room aesthetics that you won’t want to miss out on this winter:

  1. Cozy cabin. Bring the feeling of a warm, inviting cabin into your living room with a neutral color palette, plush textures, and rustic accents. Opt for a comfortable sectional sofa and layer it with cozy blankets and throw pillows. Add in a natural wood coffee table and a few rustic accessories, like a vintage sled or a set of antlers. A nice wood tray would go perfectly with these aesthetics.
  1. Glamorous glam. If you love all things sparkly and luxurious, then a glamorous glam aesthetic may be just what you’re looking for. Start with a plush velvet sofa or armchair in a rich, jewel-tone color. Add metallic accents, like a mirrored coffee table or a set of gold-leafed frames. Don’t forget to layer in plenty of soft, plush textures, like fur throws and velvet pillows, and add textured wood trays to top it all off.
  1. Mid-century modern. Give your living room a retro twist with a mid-century modern aesthetic. Look for furniture with clean lines and geometric shapes, like a tufted sofa with tapered legs or a set of sleek walnut chairs with nutty wood trays for serving. Add pops of color with abstract art or a colorful area rug. Finish off the look with a statement lighting piece, like a sputnik chandelier or a sculptural floor lamp.
  1. Rustic farmhouse. For a cozy, homey feel, consider a rustic farmhouse aesthetic for your living room. Start with a distressed wood coffee table and pair it with a comfortable, neutral-toned sofa. Layer in plenty of plaids, florals, and other country-inspired patterns with throw pillows and blankets. Don’t forget to add in a few rustic accents, like a set of galvanized metal planters or a vintage milk jug.
  1. Bohemian paradise. If you love a laid-back, relaxed vibe, then a bohemian paradise aesthetic might be perfect for your living room. Mix and match patterns and textures with abandon, layering in tapestries, throw pillows, and area rugs in a variety of styles and colors. Add in a few plants and cozy up with a stack of colorful throw blankets.

The most crucial thing is to design a living space that feels warm and comfortable to you, regardless of the aesthetic you choose. Have fun experimenting with different styles and incorporating your personal touches. Overall, the key is to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to incorporating wood trays into your living room decor. For more living room design inspirations, check out Beautiful Homes. Happy decorating