Checking Out Some of the Best Cities in North Carolina

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The Tarheel state is an awesome mix of beauty as well as historic, with human life traced back thousands of years.  What’s life like in this state today, though?  These are some of the best cities in North Carolina, and why so many people are flocking to this state in 2023?


Although Wilmington is best known for its beautiful beachy vibes, it’s slowly transforming into a college town, with populations getting younger and younger here.  The average home value is low enough to make property ownership achievable to more people, but the average income is lower than the national average, which can be difficult to struggle through.  

Home to UNC-Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College, there’s a lot of room for learning, yet it could also be an excellent place to retire if you’re trying to save some money when you do.


The Smoky Mountains are some of the most beautiful formations in the country, yet they’re often overlooked when people think of North Carolina.  Boone is a dream come true.  This tiny mountain town is known for being where writers and creatives slip away to work in quiet and have some incredible views.  

Although winters are rough here, the snow just makes everything even more beautiful, and the entire community rallies to make sure everyone is safe and warm through the season.  This is a great place to feel connected to others, even if you’re new.


You can’t beat the charm and price of the average Charlotte houses for sale!  The Queen City is the largest in North Carolina, with just under 900,000 people that call it home.  This artsy area has countless clubs, bars, restaurants, and shops to make sure you don’t have to suffer from a second of boredom.  

This is still an incredibly affordable place to live when compared to the rest of the world, despite how expensive it seems compared to the rest of the state.  

New Bern

If you want to feel like you’ve landed in a Hallmark movie, it’s time to move to New Bern in the winter.  This tiny city where Pepsi was invented is full of cute bear figures, endless adorable shops, and fun restaurants, all of which get decked out to the nines every winter.  Even though it doesn’t get snow often, New Bern makes sure its winter glitters and sparkles.

Why People Are Moving Here

More people are moving to North Carolina because of how affordable it is and how much open space there is to explore.  As the Covid-19 pandemic raged on, more people aspired to live in areas where they could get outside more, avoid crowds, and afford more property.  Luckily for them, North Carolina covered each of those problems.  This is the perfect state at the right time.

North Carolina is Stunning

From gorgeous mountains to the rolling ocean tucked against the Outer Banks, North Carolina is a piece of art in the shape of a state.  If you’re eager to explore this beautiful area, consider stopping into one of these cities.