5 Proven Tips to Get Best Mortgage Rates from Top Lenders

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If you are planning to build a house, you will need to get a mortgage. If you want to get a mortgage, you should consider getting the best rates that will help lower the loan debt you will have to pay after constructing your home.

To get the best construction loan interest rates from top lenders, you should plan well, and be wise before getting the loan. In this article I want to inform you of some of the proven tips that will help you get the best mortgage deal;

Take care of your credit score.

The lenders will thoroughly check your credit, and income details, before they approve the mortgage. It is, therefore, essential that you plan on how to make the credit score appear presentable so that the lender can consider you as creditworthy.

The first thing to do is to ensure that your credit reports are accurate and free from any errors. The second thing you should do to improve the credit score is to pay off high-interest debts, to improve the debt-to-income ratio, therefore the credit score will be in fine shape.

Compare rates

Different lenders offer different construction loan rates, so you should compare the rates, and find the best mortgage rates for the house you want to build. You can search in online platforms to find out the lenders with the best rates, to help narrow your search for a lender. The research also allows you to negotiate for better rates once you contact the lenders effectively.

Meet up with the lenders

After you come up with a list of the top lenders, it is time to meet up with them and ask the right questions about getting a mortgage loan. With the information you got, as you were researching to get the best rates, you can now negotiate for better deals.

Every detail is important, and you should ask about, additional information, methods of contact, down payment requirements, and other relevant info. The internet does not provide every detail, so it is essential to set a meeting, that you will go personally.

Get a mortgage preapproval.

Instead of getting a pre-qualification, you should get a mortgage preapproval letter. A pre-qualification is an estimate of how much you can spend in buying a home, and lenders, and sellers do not find it as sufficient prove of the amount you can spend.

It would be best if you got a preapproval because it saves you time in the long run, and sellers and lenders find it to be sufficient proof of money you can spend. With the preapproval, you can discuss with the lender loan options and budgeting.

Have a bigger down payment 

If you have a bigger down payment, you will get better construction loan rates from the top lenders. If you are getting a mortgage from Blake Mortgage, or any other company, you should have a down payment of at least 20% of the home’s value. If the down payment is less, you may have to pay for private mortgage insurance, increasing the amount of mortgage you will pay.