5 Reasons Why Kenyans Love Mpesa Mobile Money

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An acronym for mobile money, a true revolution developed by a mobile networking company in an East-African country known as Kenya. Making human life easy by transferring money with your fingertips using your mobile sitting anywhere in the world. But what If you are new to this astonishing invention, what if you have sent your money to somebody else? Don’t worry the medium has got your back with the reverse MPESA transaction using which you can reverse overturn the money sent. Being a customer to a company when you make a mistake you have to call the customer service care provided by every company.

  • Low transaction fees, but not a slow process, with MPESA all your transactions are done within seconds and reverse MPESA transactions.
  • The very first thing when we love something we try to protect it right? Coming to MPESA mobile money it’s a very secure network protecting all our bank details, transactional histories, and passcodes.
  • The banks are always in access, people are working for you who always welcome any problem you’re dealing with.
  • You might not get free time to access the bank this is where the bank’s customer care comes into the picture, always handy with a customer care number you can dial and deal with your queries.
  • With low transaction fees, MPESA has made a lot of customers being reasonable at all times.

What made it more effective?

In this transaction, you have to copy your Transactional credentials and forward them to 456. As soon as your free of charge message is sent the process of the reverse transaction gets triggered.

You find it difficult? Let’s make it simpler. In case if you are cynical of machines, you can go meet MPESA agents available at your service. Or else you can also simply dial 100 and reach the customer care, personalized with an attendant over the phone call who will take you through the reversal process. However the codes 456,100 i.e are fast and convenient, it takes two hours for the reversal transaction to take place depending on the time you have made the transaction. As the transaction is done a message will pop up showing the date, time, and also your MPESA account balance.

Though there are changes in effective charges for transactions, customers are still benefitted. And as the technology is reaching stars, you can simply use an MPESA application to control and see all your banking details and also transactional history. So this is how you can be a beneficial MPESA Customer!