The Trucking Industry and DOT Drug Testing

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Study shows that most fatal accidents that occur on roads are due to drivers driving under the influence. Every state and the federal government do not accept the use of drugs since they have an unpleasant impact on the life of the user and the general public. Not only does a driver under the influence of drugs risk his or her life but those of other road users. This s why there are measures to ensure DOT drug testing among drivers to confirm their viability to get behind the wheels and drive on the roads. Truck accidents are usually fatal, and as such much of the drug testing gets done on the drivers of these vessels.

A range of reasons why a company needs to consider this testing apart from complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) under the United States department of transportation regulations. The government agency compels every individual under the commercial driver’s license to follow the outlined rules on alcohol and drug testing. This post outlines some of the benefits of this test.

Drivers Safety

The truth is that drugs have wrecked lives, many of which get discovered too late when little could get done to revive them. Testing the drivers in the company would help them keep track of their lives, hence being in charge of their health. Apart from the obvious effects of using drugs, being under the influence, especially while operating such machines as heavy commercial trucks, could be dangerous and lead to accidents that might claim lives.


Having drug-free employees will increase the efficiency of services hence the overall productivity. One who operates under a clear mind and body will always concentrate on their work, not hallucinating, as in a person on drugs.

Safety on The Roads

Apart from the truck driver, there are other road users, including pedestrians whose lives might be in danger if a driver is on drugs. Often, one can never have an actual depth perception while on drugs and might also fail to beat the reaction time when something goes wrong on the road. This is why having the drug test is important in ensuring the driver is of sound mind and sober when on duty.

Company’s Image

When a company’s truck gets involved in an accident, not only will the occurrence cause a toll on its finances, but it would taint its reputation. Everyone would love to associate with a business entity concerned about the welfare of the community they are situated in or service. The best way to maintain good operation standards and preserve the good reputation built is by having the employees undergo a DOT drug test.

A given company could put a registered and approved screening agent underpay role to conduct the tests or, from time to time frequently, take its employees to an approved test center.

The most fundamental thing is making sure the workers, especially those in the driving sector, get occasionally tested to keep them free from drugs.

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