6 Profitable Retail Businesses You Can Start with Little Capital

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Do you want to be your boss? Are you ready to leap into the exciting world of retail entrepreneurship? Starting a retail business is an exciting venture for anyone seeking a change or starting their professional career. Many people mistakenly assume that you need lots of capital to launch a business venture.

To set up a retail business, all you need is a little cash, business insurance, and some motivation.

Here are few retail business ideas that can be started with a minimal amount of money.

  1. Baking

If baking cookies, cakes, doughnuts, loaves of bread, and other sweet delights gives you satisfaction, then you can turn it into a money-making enterprise. This business is easy to launch from your home, saving money spent on renting a space and its utilities. Many people enjoy eating freshly baked goods but lack the skill and patience to bake a perfect cake or loaf of bread.

This is where your home-based bakery can meet this need. You have the option of operating it like a counter service where customers can walk in and choose or make baked goods on an order basis. If you specialize in a particular baking niche, such as artisanal bread or puff pastry, you can set up shop for these specialities.

You already own basic baking supplies. All you need is capital for the ingredients (as orders pour in), packaging material, additional baking supplies, and delivery costs (if you offer home delivery).

  1. Catering Services

If you are regarded as a Master Chef in your home, then it is time to turn it into a sizzling retail business. Use your culinary expertise to provide catering services. You can cater for weddings, parties, funerals, birthdays, and other social events. There is also the option of providing regular meals to individuals who do not have the time to cook.

To operate a successful catering business, you require a refrigerator, oven, serving trays, cutlery, cups, tablecloths, serving dishes, pans, and a cutting board. You might have these items already. If not, there is the option of buying or renting these items. In addition, you may use your kitchen to prepare catered meals. Keep in mind to protect yourself from lawsuits by seeking business insurance quote online.

  1. Selling Organic Fruits and Vegetables

The demand for organic produce continues increasing with each passing year. You can seek out farmers who operate organic farms and become a distributor on their behalf. Since fruits and vegetables are perishable, you need to invest in good refrigeration for the storage of unsold items.

To keep costs low, you can start this business from home. Use social media channels, email marketing, and paid ads to market your retail business. Offer customers the option of picking up their orders from your home. As your business grows, consider renting a space. This will encourage foot traffic.

  1. Dog Breeding

Pet breeding is a rewarding business, but you will need professional dog breeder training along with liability insurance. The training will teach you about the basics of breeding, different dog breeds, and how to take care of an expecting dog.

To operate a dog breeding business, you will need some space and a female and male dog to reproduce. In addition, you have to provide good veterinary care and nutrition.

  1. Gift Basket

The gift-giving season is evergreen, meaning people like to give and receive gifts. These are not limited to birthdays and Christmases. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are popular gifting periods as well. Anniversaries and cultural celebrations follow in close suit.

If you have the knack for selecting the right gifts for the occasion, this can be a good venture. Many people do not know how to choose the right talent, and some don’t have the time. This is where you can fill the gap. The Gift Basket platform is popular among corporate entities and individuals. You can start a gift basket business from your home. Be sure to equip yourself with liability coverage before launching your start-up. Compare business insurance quotes before selecting any plan.

  1. Jewelry Designer

Do you like designing ornaments, charms, and trinkets? If so, turn it into a rewarding retail business. Handmade jewellery is appreciated and cherished by everyone. It is also easy to showcase your handmade goods on an e-commerce site, Etsy shop, or your site. You can quickly launch this venture from home. It doesn’t require much space. Best of all, you get to showcase your design talents.


Got a knack for business but didn’t have the funds? Six retail business ideas require minimal monetary investment to start. These are jewellery design, baking, dog breeding, making gift baskets, selling organic produce, and catering services.

Consider getting business insurance to protect your business from unexpected risks. Find out more here.


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