7 Best Kids and Family-Friendly Restaurants/Cafes in Bandung

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Pamper your kids while at Bandung at these kids and family-friendly restaurants. Offers exciting and fun ambiance with delicious foods, these restaurants will bring memorable experiences for your children and you.

  1. Love Uniqorn Unicorn Cafe

This unicorn notion cafe presents a variety of adorable unicorn personalities with over 100 dolls. This location is also dominated by beautiful light colors with various Instagrammable spots. This cafe also supplies costumes and accessories that can be utilized, which the cleanliness is always ensured. The menu in Love Uniqorn Unicorn Cafe also comes with a colorful and one of a kind concept with flavors that you and your child will love.

  1. Dago Bakery Punclut

Dago Bakery is among the most remarkable destinations in Indonesia worth seeing when you’re in Bandung. The restaurant offers traditional Indonesian food as well as Western dishes. Dago Bakery attracts lots of families and ideal by children because of its European-castle style building. A perfect place to take cosmetic images. Additionally, there are kid’s playgrounds and other fun and exciting areas for you and your children.

  1. Pillowcake

Pillowcake started as a booth, which sells Bandung’s trademark cake present, pillow cakes. With its growing customers over the years, then they decided to open a cafe. The area is now called a vibrant bakeshop in bright, rugged digs and offering pillow cakes and a varied menu of exciting desserts, sandwiches, and drinks. The cafe’s notion can be very family and kids-friendly with little tents, a pillow pool, and entertaining decoration.

  1. Nara Park

This place is an eco-nature-inspired establishment created with the soul that combines indulging cuisine and the joy of community-based actions. Where you can embrace togetherness and make unforgettable moments with friends, family, and your significant other. Nara Park Bandung can be a home for seven different restaurants, including Indonesian Restaurant, Western Food, Japanese Food, and Pancake and Pasta Restaurant. For those who want a good coffee and refreshing drinks, the area also has Foresta Coffee and Oval Bar to accommodate for the beverages. Having a substitute for an outdoor place, this place is very convenient for children to play to maintain an intimate birthday celebration.

  1. Nanny’s Pavillon Home

The concept for Nanny’s Pavillon in Bandung is French-style “house.” In this restaurant, you and your kids can experience having a meal at home with a cozy and homey ambiance. The inside can be chic and reasonably with decoration and ornaments; your kids are going to love. Each chair has various themes, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, children’s playroom, a living room for mothers, and others. Nanny’s Pavillon Home comes with a similar menu at different branches, which is Western and French cuisine.

  1. Equator Coffee and Gallery

Dominated by wooden furniture, Equator java is living up the lush tropical jungle motif. Located in the center of Bandung, Equator provides not only coffee but also Indonesia and Western cuisines. Having a friendly cost, this restaurant will be a good selection for hangout. Try their signature, which is Es Kopi Susu Enak and Nasi Campur Iteung.

  1. Pini Resto

It’s effortless to visit Pinisi Resto. Situated inside the Rancabali glamping lakeside Ciwidey, the restaurant has a shape that looks like a ship. It’s a great perspective of Situ Patenggang lake and its natural surroundings, for example, Gajah mountain, Patuha mountain, a tea plantation, and much more. You may enjoy delicious Indonesian food, in addition to some Western and Asian foods. The restaurant has three floors, with 60 pax capacity per floor.

Hoping the list of kids and family-friendly restaurants or cafes above can be your reference. Ready to start your getaway in Bandung? Prepare yourself and find out more about Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.