How to Handle Extended-term Hair Transplant Care?

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The most routinely executed cosmetic surgery treatment for men is a hair transplant for the restoration of hair loss. The time span promptly following your hair transplant is the most crucial for making sure that the procedure has been successful. Make use your medications congruously, upraise your head while sleeping with the help of pillows, and make sure that the grafts are not infected. Invariably follow your doctor’s preference and you will end up with a smooth and quick recovery.

Say no to hair care products

You must avoid hair dye for at least a month after the Hair Transplant Ludhiana. Make certain that u don’t apply makeup or any other cosmetics for at least more than a week after the procedure. Still, if you end up using makeup or hair dye, make sure to be very gentle predominantly for the first four weeks after the surgery.

  • Tender combing is fine, but don’t you rub the transplanted region with the hard teeth of the comb.
  • No haircuts for at least 2 weeks.
  • Unless the doctor insists don’t use scar treatment creams.

No alcohol or any other blood thinners

Do not consume ibuprofen, aspirin, or any alternative blood-thinning medications for a minimum of 3 days following the treatment of Hair Transplant Punjab. Besides that 3 days beyond the procedure, make certain that you do not consume any alcohol. Rather than taking aspirin or any other pain killer if you are experiencing headache, take acetaminophen or contact the surgeon.

Consume Healthy Diet 

  • Eat fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains. A minimal amount (approx. 20%) of calories must be coming from lean protein like nuts, soy, and beans.
  • Foods containing vitamin C (cucumbers, citrus fruits, and berries), vitamin A (broccoli, carrots), vitamin K (soybeans, figs, and lettuce), and vitamin E (leafy greens, avocado) will help you produce healthy hair. And on top of that these foods will boost hair growth.
  • Spicy food disturbs the scalp’s healing abilities, so avoid that for at least before and while the procedure.

No Smoking

The oxygen content can surely be reduced by the carbon monoxide content of the cigarettes and its nicotine in it reduces the flow of blood to your head. This can easily increase the possibility of scarring and infection. It is scientifically proven that smoking habits reduce hair growth and the procedure of Hair Transplant you must encourage your hair growth in every way possible. You can consume nicotine gum to ease your cravings for smoking if you are a smoker and also quit right now. Reduce its intake by 50% after every 2 weeks pass by and keep on doing that until you give up your smoking habit completely.