9 Best Activities to Do in Makassar

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Makassar is located in the center of cruise lines of Indonesia which makes it the trade center of eastern Indonesia. As the capital of South Sulawesi province, Makassar is also well-known for its history and beautiful nature. When you have a chance to visit it, this is the list of best activities to do during your visit to Makassar:

  1. Fort Rotterdam

You can walk around Fort Rotterdam, also a glorious and enchanting heritage of the Sultanate of Gowa. Listed below are the leading steps to take in Makassar. The bastion of Dutch colonial authority from the 1600s, and also a remnant of background.

Fort Rotterdam consists of older Dutch buildings, using a couple of these converted into museums. The entrance is assumed to be free, but learning always helps, like everywhere else. The museums are primarily devoted to the foundation of Makassar.

  1. Losari Beach

Losari Beach functions as the Middle of attraction of this Makassar city. An individual will encounter various food stalls lined up close to the shore to indulge in a few delicious and tasty snacks. The beach is in a strategic place that is teeming with artificial buildings, platforms, five-star resorts, cafes and restaurants, together with an enormous marketplace to shop for your heart’s desire. Therefore, it is not difficult to get a place that is among the most attractive possibilities for many tourists from town.

Losari Beach is still the most crowded region in Makassar, however, it is concurrently agreeable. There’s not any direct entry to the shore, therefore a promenade of kinds is located near the oceans, upon which sailors mostly unwind, together with numerous neighborhood food stalls and giant neon signs.

The vital landmark of this area is the Floating Mosque, which will be a treat to the eye. Located directly alongside your water, this particular mosque appears like it’s floating out of several angles, along with its comparatively new structure can also be a joy to behold. Losari Beach is among the gorgeous areas to see sunrises and sunsets from Makassar.

  1. Malino

A little village surrounded by green plantations, Malino is a perfect escape for a single lifetime. Malino is a gorgeous village nestled among the oceans around 90 kilometres from Makassar. The driveway is very long and winding, but it’s worth the stunning view. This is among those hidden jewels of Makassar, which tourists don’t frequent often. High-altitude tea plantations surround it and also contain a quaint small caf_ whereby clouds float occasionally.

  1. Paotere Harbour

The Paotere Harbour is the earliest volcano in the nation, and it had to be a significant trading hub from its heyday. It’s full of colorful boats, and tourists may take a boat ride for under USD 5. It’s a gorgeous shore to see from a ship, and such ships are full of friendly locals. A nearby fish market provides all sorts of freshly-caught fish and also increases the allure of Makassar’s quaint sea-port.

  1. Pasir Putih

An island off the shore of Makassar, this location is perfect for deep diving. Pasir Putih is fifteen minutes from the mainland, by ship. This island is generally never seen by tourists, for vacationers want awareness of Bahasa Indonesian to deal and browse their way throughout the bargains in the island. But if you wish to, they could go there to get a place of deep seated diving and experience. There’s also a village with its small community around the island.

  1. Trans Studio Makassar

The Trans Studio is the next biggest theme park throughout the world and is deemed the very best entertainment place in Indonesia today. Situated in the most significant Makassar city in Eastern Indonesia, it’s an excellent location for relaxing with your family without having the hassle of inclement weather since the whole entertainment place is situated inside.

  1. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake from the Philippines is among the 2 lakes situated in Coron Coast of Makassar available for people. Geographically, it’s located in the northern end of the Palawan Islands located towards the southwest of the Philippines. Swimming, raft rides, cave appointments, and views should be on your trip when you see Kayangan Lake.

  1. Samalona Island

Formed to many coral reefs, Pulau Samalona or Samalona Island is among Makassar’s hidden jewels. It has lovely white sand beaches, blue waters, and stunning marine life. The island is famed for its snorkeling and diving opportunities which lets you view the vibrant coral reefs and fish. Pulau Samalona is a much under an hour boat ride from Makassar, making this tiny island the greatest day trip and weekend escape.

  1. Somba Opu Fort

Somba Opu Fort is known as the Gowa fortified commercial center in the 16th Century. It became the historical mark located in Makassar where the fort’s area has been constructed into a public park. There is also a museum displaying some historical objects from the Sultanate of Gowa. Hence, the Somba Opu Fort is a perfect spot to get a day-out together using all the young ones.

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