A Few Customs Clearance Services that Decide the Fate of All the Goods Imported to the US

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Successful imports in the US are those that are cleared at the customs without any hassle and without any delay. And every importer is aware of the importance of the time that’s taken at customs for clearance. Besides, getting imported goods cleared isn’t a cakewalk. The list of documentation, certificates, and formalities is so huge that you cannot handle the procedure single-handedly. And hence is the need of elite customs brokerage companies like Clearit USA. Some of the best services that this firm has to offer in order to expedite customs clearance are listed below. Read until the end if you’re an importer in the lookout to finding ways to get your imported goods in America.

  1. The Customs Consulting Services

The Clearit USA customs consulting services are provided for a range of products that include:

  • Trade agreements
  • Compliance audits
  • Document preparation
  • Tax requirements and exemptions
  • Other governmental requirements
  • Tariff treatments
  • Valuation for duty
  • Special assessments

You can easily access these services by simply signing up on their website, After sign-up, your project is assigned to an agent who will handle all the clearance work on your behalf from thereon.

  1. The E-commerce Services

The one thing that makes this firm so reputable and so successful is that they do not deal with paper documents that can be easily misplaced. Instead, they use electronic software to file all the documents at customs online. The best benefits of exchanging all the info online are given below.

  • There’s no scope of errors due to missing documents.
  • The communication takes place seamlessly that helps in easy clearance at customs.
  1. The Amazon Fulfillment Services

Online sale of goods on Amazon is beneficial for resident importers as well as non resident importers. And Clearit USA is an Amazon Certified fully transactional website that helps in the following ways.

  • They contact Amazon to obtain the EIN number.
  • They use the EIN number to find out the location of the warehouse where your goods are supposed to reach.
  • They offer quick transportation services post customs clearance to ensure that your shipment reaches its destined warehouse in time.
  1. The ISF Filing Service

ISF is an exclusive certificate that’s mandatory for all shipments arriving by the sea. Clearit USA can file for it and obtain it on your behalf at the minimal charges of just 35 USD.

To sum up, these services are the quality benchmarks that only elite customs brokers can carry out successfully. So, pick who you work with very carefully.