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Plastic was a great invention in the older days and was used in almost every household material. Even today, plastic is used in every industry. After the great usage of plastic, studies have revealed that it is not a good product for the environment. It has been contaminating the earth for so long. Humans are using plastic bags and about 5 trillion used plastic bags have been polluting the earth.

The major threat caused by plastic bags is that it is not biodegradable. This means it takes several years to degrade and that is the reason why people are looking for alternative solutions. When it comes to packaging materials, it revolves around plastics and paper bags. There are a number of better ways to get bags that will protect the environment and are highly convenient in carrying items around. The eco-friendly cotton mesh vegetable bags have many advantages over plastic bags which you can read in this article:

Why plastic bags are a bad choice

Before choosing the reusable bags, it is important to know why plastic bags are not ideal for the environment:

Plastic bags are toxic to the environment

When used plastic bags are left out in the sun, they release toxic substances into the environment. These harmful chemicals contaminate surroundings soil and water, and the food that we eat. Moreover, plastic waste has devastating effects on wildlife that are not necessarily aware of its dangers.

Plastic bags never fully decompose

Plastic does not fully breakdown even after several years. A plastic might get torn up into pieces but it will be there as it is not biodegradable.

Plastic bags require unsustainable amounts of resources to manufacture

In the manufacturing of plastic, there are incredible amounts of natural resources to sustain the world’s appetite for plastic. A million barrels of oil are used every year just to meet the country’s need for plastic bags.

Benefits of Using Reusable Bags

Living plastic-free is challenging but it is important for all of us to do what we can. With many reasons to ditch plastic bags, it’s no wonder that the countries are banning it today. For being environment friendly in carrying your stuff around, switch to more sustainable materials that do not pose the same dangers as plastic.

They’re Environment Friendly

One of the major reasons to migrate from plastic bags to reusable bags comes with a great environmental impact. The plastic is responsible for the death of thousands of birds and animals.  It also takes up to 1000 years to decompose. The reusable bags are produced from a number of biodegradable materials like canvas, jute, and cotton. These bags are easy to carry and it is one of the best ways to support environmentally friendly practices.

They’re Economic

The tax on the plastic bag increased the cost of plastic bags for both retailers and shoppers and makes a purchase of reusable bags more appealing. A person uses about thousands of plastic bags in his/her lifetime. On the other hand, a single reusable shopping bag can be used several times. It may cost you high initially but it has a lifespan equivalent to 500 plastic bags. This is important as your customers are always looking forward to saving money and this way will make them much happier. Reusable bags are even washable, so if something is spilled inside then you can just wash it and use it again and again. While there are many stores that offer their customers with bonuses and loyalty points who bring their own reusable shopping bags.

They’re Practical

The bag should provide practical purposes to ensure the safe transport of your shopping. Moreover, reusable shopping bags offer a whole host of practical benefits. Reusable shopping bags provide the customers to get a stronger and hefty solution that plastic bags cannot. Reusable bags are made up of the best materials and reusable bags often have ergonomic handles that allow you to easily carry the bags.  Reusable bags are bigger in size than plastic bags and they can easily be folded which will take up less space.

Reusable bags are becoming more popular, and they will soon completely replace plastic bags altogether. The cotton mesh produce bags and other fabrics with a low impact on the environment can make a different perspective. We need to understand its benefits for the environment. If you want the cool and funky design on your reusable bag, then it can become a fashion accessory for your customers, ensuring the best promotion of your brand. Reusable mesh produce bags are made from strong materials and make it a perfect choice.