Alcohol Addiction – Revealing Signs

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Alcohol addiction may not be so apparent. Some addicts are not so into drinking that they embarrass themselves or exhibit related behaviours. However, with the proper support of an expert like Skyward Treatment Center, it is easy to identify and get the help you need when struggling with silent addiction. Just because it is int conspicuous does not mean it is non-existent.

Identifying Alcohol Addiction

In instances where alcohol addiction is not so apparent physically, a few tools can be used to gauge the addiction level. These measures also help identify the intensity of the habit. A good example would be the CAGE questionnaire which measures the power of the addict’s addiction. 4 screening questions are used in this process. These are

  • Have you ever felt the need to cut down on your drinking?
  • Do you ever feel irritated when somebody criticizes your drinking?
  • Have you ever experienced guilt about your drinking habits?
  • Have you ever started the day with a drink to steady your nerves or recover from a hangover?

If you struggle with answering the questions straight to the point, this should sign that you need help.

Common Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to one’s health. Users must get appropriate treatment in good time. However, some people struggle with knowing whether it is time to get help. Below are a few signs that can confirm this need without fail.

Constant Excuses

If you are an addict, chances are that you will feel the need to excuse yourself every time the question of alcohol use comes up. It feels as though you must justify your answer. This is often brought about by anxiety and guilt. Since you know you are overindulging and are probably headed towards chronic addiction, you try your best to mask and sugarcoat the situation. It is more of a means of convincing yourself and others that you are still on the right track.

Secret Drinking – Often Alone

If it gets to a point where you prefer to drink alone, then you may be struggling with addiction. It starts slowly and creeps in very fast. Before you know it, you only want to be alone whenever you are having your alcoholic drink because you don’t want to be questioned or judged. Most of the time, people who do this also want to hide their drinking habits.

You Prefer to Drink Instead of Meeting an Obligation

Most of the time, people who struggle with drinking problems will choose to enjoy their alcohol instead of meeting a responsibility. They tend to shelve essential things to be able to drink as much as they want. They may lose their jobs in the process or neglect their families. In the worst-case scenario, the addicts ignore their self-care in preference for the bottle.

It is vital to seek rehab assistance for such addiction. Things can only be reversed professionally when it gets to this level. Skyward Center is here to walk with you through this journey. Call us today.