All You Need To Know About Preservation Rhinoplasty

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Preservation Rhinoplasty Toronto is a widely known new term in the field of cosmetic facial surgery. It consists of procedures that are less invasive and maintain the nose structure wherever necessary. The method that is used in rhinoplasty surgery has been developed many years back. But much of these methods have been ignored or replaced by more vigorous activity with the introduction of open-structure rhinoplasty.  Over the past few years, surgeons have made major improvements and placed these less invasive procedures into effect in Europe, Turkey, South America, and Mexico.

How it Works

One of the most common reasons for patients being referred for rhinoplasty is to reduce a bump or hump on the nose. The hump is removed or shaven during the standard rhinoplasty and the surgeon reconstructs a more appealing bridge from the front. In dorsal rhinoplasty preservation, the surgeon removes the cartilage or bone from behind or top or base of the septum. It will take down the bridge instead of the hump from above. In this way, a very smooth, natural nasal bridge with a lower bump incidence is made.


We also highlighted all the advantages, despite the less invasive aspects of rhinoplasty preservation versus conventional rhinoplasty. The findings show that it creates a smooth nasal bridge that seems normal. The patient tends to be slightly less swollen and curing is faster than structural rhinoplasty.

Although not yet seen, the reduction of less nose structure tends to enhance the preservation of right nose function. We assume that airways or structural defects that arise with age are less likely to occur.


Preservation rhinoplasty is not for all. More complex nasal deformities require conventional structural procedures to obtain the best outcomes. Moreover, it may not be suitable for patients with very thick skin and soft tissue. In certain situations, we use a combined solution to secure the bridge, while using nasal tip structural techniques.

Besides, preservation rhinoplasty is meant for only “first-time” patients.  You probably have to go on the conventional path when looking for a preservation rhinoplasty. The preliminary nose job would have restricted the available nose and nasal structure e.g. the preservation is limited what rhinoplasty can do.

Who is a Good Candidate for Preservation Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty preservation is an outstanding choice for crooked nose patients and who have a wide or droopy tip. For those who have an abnormal asymmetric, large nasal bridge, or who have previously undergone rhinoplasty; we do not prescribe this treatment to them.