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Epic Heroes War is a game application that belongs to Adventure Category. This can be called as a unique superhero game. This game application is different than other superhero games. Epic Heroes War is a 2D game which contains merely cartoonish characters.

There are numerous kinds of superhero characters that have their own unique superpowers. There are more than 20 Super Hero Characters in this game application. Epic Heroes War has officially published on 21st of October 2014 by DIVMOB. The application is quite viral among game players. If you are unable to install this game on Android TV using play store, you can use third party Android TV games installers like Filelinked or Aptoide TV.

More about Epic Heroes War

Epic Heroes War is a PvP (Player vs. Player) game where you will have another real-time player as an opponent. This game becomes more impressive when you play with real-time players because the moves are not always the same but different from one another. This can also be called a role-playing game where you have to play a superhero character’s role. There are unique abilities, unique fighting styles, and superpowers to the superhero characters. So it won’t be bored while you play the game.

There are over 60 campaign levels in the offline mode and 250+ icons and items to improve the superhero powers. There are icons and items such as equipment for superheroes, things that increase their performances and skills, items that increase their abilities, etc.

Since this game belongs to the PvP category (Player vs. Player), you have another real time partner who plays the game at the moment. You can fight with them as superheroes. You can use superpowers, abilities, and fighting skills when you fight with them. Both of the players can use their superhero characters and play the game. Interesting, isn’t it?

You will receive gems to upgrade your superhero characters. You should earn gems by playing the game. This helps you to shift to another Super Hero role easily using gems. You can also take little troops with you when you are going to a fight. This is actually like a real war fight where you take civilians with the great heroes to win the battle.

There’s a fight mode called ‘Boss Fight Mode’ in this game. It would be best if you fought with the main enemy to win. There’s also a mode called ‘Challenging Mode.’ This mode is way more attractive to users who love challenges. There are plenty of challenges that you can go through and earn gold, gems, and coins.

How to install Epic Heroes War on your mobile device?

You can install this game application on any android or IOS device. Your android device should be within 4.1 or a higher version to install this application. Your IOS Device should in 8.0.0 or a higher version to install the game application. You can install the application from Google Play Protect and Apple App Store for your Android Device and IOS Device, respectively.


This Epic Heroes War TV game application has won the hearts of over 1 Million users. This application has been famous because of its uniqueness. This is a free application where you can play the game without spending money. Let’s try it!