Automatic electric gates are becoming increasingly popular.

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They are gorgeous and improve the curb appeal of your property while also protecting it.

Automated gates can assist to prevent kids and pets from being hit by cars by keeping them away from busy roadways. Some people are also interested in whether it is possible to build automated doors on their own.

There are a slew of gate automation and access control solutions, motors, intercoms, keypads, and accessories from several manufacturers.

Some of the most popular ones are even offered with simple installation and setup as key features. These undoubtedly appeal to those who just get their hands dirty with electric gates on a rare basis.

While it is not difficult for someone with electrical installation, groundwork, bricklaying, carpentry, welding, and even physical geometry knowledge to build a successful DIY gate construction, there are a few things to consider before doing so.

When it comes to who can install electric gates, knowledge really counts.

Poorly installed gates are dangerous

Gates that are installed incorrectly can be both dangerous and deadly.

The forces that propel the entire length of a big, hefty swing gate are significant, particularly at the hinge.

Contact forces from these moving gates can create potential dangers of injury. Crushing, shearing, impact, and other sorts of harm are some of the risks associated with this.

The combination of gate automation components and gates themselves results in a new, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment. The creation and certification of the new machinery must be CE certified to show that appropriate safety measures were taken throughout the design and development process.

A qualified gate automation installer will understand how to employ the necessary safety measures to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. They will also be able to provide guidelines for all users of the gates to ensure unsafe practices are highlighted so they can be avoided.

The professional installer, on the other hand, should be able to overcome these obstacles more readily than a novice installer or an amateur.

Complex safety rules and standards

The legislation that governs gate safety is both complicated and comprehensive. Once a gate is automated, it essentially becomes a machine, which is then governed by the machinery directive. Any noncompliant gate not only poses a hazard but may also result in the owner being fined or imprisoned if someone is hurt as a result of its presence. This is why an expert should install your automatic gates.

Gate installation requires a variety of skills

A gate installation necessitates a variety of skills, many of which are complicated and specialist. A gate installer will need to be able to carry out various tasks with several different materials, such as cutting and shaping wood or welding steel brackets to iron gates. They must also understand how the motor applies its power; for example, sliding gates can’t be installed on slopes unless gravity is taken into account, which may overburden the motors.

Underground motors for swing gates must be set in pits with adequate drainage and positioned precisely as the lower gate hinges form. Sliding gates are typically operated by tracks laid down the driveway. Steel pillars are frequently required to be built and then backfilled with concrete or encircling with brick pillars to provide sufficient strength and support.

The gate engineer has a wide range of construction abilities that are uncommon in other sectors. Unless they already work in a field related to real estate and have enough understanding of applicable skills outside their area of expertise, it’s unlikely for most property owners.

Handling challenges

Gates might be heavy, unwieldy, and difficult to handle due to their size and weight. Gates made of iron or hardwood are also quite hefty. Electric swing gates move through the air on hinges and have no physical contact with anything apart from physical stops at the conclusion of travel.

Unless careful precautions are taken by skilled installers who are familiar with dealing with these awkward and hefty objects, wooden or aluminum gates’ finishes and materials may be harmed during installation.

Time limits

The typical installation handbook contains a sequence of activities in a specific order. They rarely go into detail about how each stage should be completed. Installing a gate may take a long time without the assistance of an expert electric gate installer. Delays are best avoided because this is a project that restricts access to the home for some time.

Every design and installation is one-of-a-kind. A competent gate engineer will not only be able to create and install a safe gate automation system for you, but they’ll also be able to offer the best configuration based on your unique set of preferences.

Different sliding or swing gate designs, as well as the many swing gate motors accessible, must be chosen during consultation between a homeowner and an expert installer.

Maintenance agreements and guarantees

A competent gate automation installer will be able to guarantee the work and offer future maintenance and emergency call-out assistance. This gives you added assurance that someone will be there to repair and maintain your gates in the future.

Skilled gate automation

A skilled gate automation installer will be aware of how to satisfy your access and egress requirements in a practical and hassle-free manner. They can advise you on how to deal with visitors and which form of communication technology would work best for your access control needs.

You may be thousands of miles from your gates and yet still control them with a wireless GSM system, a smartphone or tablet, and a mobile signal. However, you only need a buzzer and a gate release button.

Gate automation installers will also know to include manual release systems in the installation, so you can open your gates if the electricity goes out.

Finding a qualified gate installer

A gate automation engineer is a specialist in an area that should be left to professionals, so it’s critical to find a competent one. If you have any questions about a planned installation at your house or want to locate a gate installer in your region, give Linkcare a call on 01895 232 626.