Basic Details About Employer Of Record

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Thailand is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. Besides being a tourist-heavy destination, a region is also a famous place for people who want to invest in foreign regions. Several factors are a cause of this behavior among foreign investors. But let us not focus on that but talk about the key topics that any foreign investor looks for when it comes to Thailand. This is the employer of records.

Several huge multi-national corporations have started setting up their bases in the region of Thailand and are looking more into hiring and using the employer of records. We are here to assist you with that. Before that, let us know what Employer of Records is.

What is it?

Employer of Record or commonly called EOR in common terms, refers to any third party organization or corporation that offers hiring and payment of one or many employees on behalf of a different company. They also take responsibility for any forms of formal tasks related to employment.

We are one such organization. We provide to help and assist you in hiring new employees and payment of these said employees. With our help, companies can interact more efficiently, legally, and more straightforwardly with their employees working abroad or in their abroad facilities and headquarters. With our assistance, i.e., of the Employer of Records, these companies will not be needing the requirement to set up any form of local entity or do not have to face any sort of risk regarding the violation of the local employment laws.

We, as an EOR, are responsible for the smooth working of the legal and regulatory demands and prerequisites when it comes to immigration, payroll issues for facilities abroad, employment in another country. Even after putting all this together, all the organizations that wish to be associated with us need to understand that we are no matter responsible or perfectly candid. We will not be involved in the day-to-day work or activity in any form of the MNCs.


The Employer of Records is a key thing that any MNC in date and time needs to communicate properly with the employees who work for them in their abroad facilities. We, as an EOR, are responsible for a large number of key activities when it comes to the employees but not with the day-to-day of the company.