Best Esports Live Streamers in 2022

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Esports’ recent mainstreaming can be attributed in large part to Twitch. It is not uncommon for Esports competitors in various games to be recruited directly from Twitch and participate in competitions there. Lead Esports streamers routinely top the overall charts for streamer views and subscribers on Twitch streams.

Even online casino Singapore gaming communities rely on the platform to run their operations. With the rise of YouTube and Twitch, the culture of gaming and how gamers communicate with each other has been transformed. This has, of course, expanded to electronic sports as well.

The finest Esports streamers include current and former professional players, as well as online games that conduct their competitive games live. This is a list of the top Twitch Esports streams. It doesn’t matter if you look at how many people these streamers have a lot of followers or how many subscribers they have, each one stands out for one reason or another.


When it comes to Twitch streams, xQC is among the best Esports live streamers on the platform. When it comes to most-watched and subscribed channels, xQc has consistently become one of the most successful streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

xQc used to be an Overwatch professional, a hit Esports game amongst many Singapore casino bettors, before making the switch to broadcasting.

Despite the fact that he currently focuses on general gaming rather than Esports, he is still a dominant figure in the Twitch Esports scene. When it comes to streamers, xQc is a perfect illustration of how they may transition between different parts of the platform.


Faker is one of the greatest League of Legends players of all time. He also does a lot of live streaming. League of Legends is a popular game with professional players and streamers alike.

The majority of professional players fall somewhere in the middle of the two types, as they frequently stream their own content. The game alone is also amongst the top picks at every casino Singapore betting site.

Then again, Faker is among the best Esports sportsmen and has become a popular Twitch streamer. It doesn’t matter if most of his streams are in Korean, as worldwide viewers want to see him dominate the game and outsmart his opponents.


MKLeo may not be the most popular or successful Esports streamer, but he deserves to be included in any list of the best Esports broadcasters. He is a professional Smash Bros. player and a well-known Esports streamer.

Aside from his prowess on-field, he’s also a great broadcaster. Despite being one of the biggest offline or online games in the fighting genre, Smash Bros does not have prize pools that reflect its popularity because Nintendo’s influence is sometimes harmful rather than positive.

As a result, players like MKLeo must juggle their gaming time with their broadcasting obligations in order to maintain a full-time playing schedule. Esports live streaming can be a huge aid to some players in this regard.


Shroud, a former professional CS:GO player, is now one of the most popular streams on the internet. Because of his appearances in less serious Esports competitions, he’s a streamer you might consider betting on.

Shroud’s ability to learn new FPS games quickly sets him apart from other gamers, and he could potentially continue an Esports profession across most of them if he so desired. Even so, he tries to keep things lighthearted and produce a video for the ever-growing clip maker community.

When considering the best CS:GO player, people frequently bring up S1mple’s name, too. A long-time player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he’s held the top spot in the game since 2013. S1mple may also be seen playing Valorant, FPL, and PUBG, all of which he does to the delight of the crowd.


TGLTN and Susquehanna Soniqs are the reigning PUBG Champions and one of the top Esports streamers in the world. TGLTN succeeded Pr0phie on the Soniqs lineup after earning phenomenal success with his debut PUBG feeds, which propelled the team to global domination.

Now, TGLTN is streaming some of the best gameplay in PUBG. There are millions of individuals who watch his videos on a weekly basis outside of tournaments.