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The company employed to provide professional services for planning and executing off-town event programs and services. The value of a destination management company lies primarily in the company’s extensive knowledge of the region, its professional relationships, and regional resources. DMCs are extremely useful for conference planners who are responsible for coordinating corporate and out-of-town events.


The company may be small, one Full-time personal operation or it can go to the other extreme and become oneinternational business with branchesin some of the surroundingcity’s world. Regular / non-regularTemporarilyhired stafffor a special project. The new trend is forSmall local destination managementcompanyis to be boughtup and made it a part of oneState-owned enterprise. Thisusually we think about the Importance of destination management company due to the effort made by them and its acceptance


Eventmanagement company in Delhi support organizations with location choices and customsRegistration, land transportation, tourism, convention support staff, spouse program, meals,Entertainment and speakers, linen, flower arrangements, photographers and more. Basically, it’s almost done everything for the client.Service providers such as florists, decorators and tour operators should investigate this DMC before contacting the company regarding the product.

As a company, it is divided into two functions: Sales and operation. The salespeople spot out the special potential business, price programs, secure contracts, and orchestrated site inspection. The staff confirmed the contract with suppliers, and accounting for invoices, and are responsible for this Program operation monitoring and special event production. Insmall Operations one person need to take care of both for sales and operations. Both have power to purchase service.


A destination management company (DMC) has entire knowledge of the area or region they are representing, especially with regards to the implementation of everything from program andevent activities. specialized consultantsare available for out-of-town event programming.

Event management company in delhi services lie into the following categories:

  • Program Design: These services contain the organization of event activities, and even event décor, venue selection and booking.
  • Logistics Management: These services contain event timeline and schedule, even coordination of guest arrivals and departures and booking transportation.
  • Supplier Management: These services contain supplier price negotiationandvendor selection.
  • Accounting: These services contain financial negotiations,auditing, and payment of vendor invoices, and providing a detailed accounting to a client.

The DMC can assist corporate event planners in coordinating transportation, hotel accommodation, dining, and community activities. The DMC maintains relationships with all hospitality-related services in the region, but the company’s main services are the organization and planning of the main event itself, such as gala dinners, company meetings and conferences, and even incentive trips.

DMC not only provides local expertise, but also serves as a one point of contact throughout the event planning process. In many cases,event management company in delhican also take advantage of low prices by using its vast purchasing power to negotiate preferential rates with local vendors and suppliers. In non-English speaking countries, DMC can also help overcome language barriers.Top of Form


If the event is taking place outside the local area, any event planner can choose to work with the DMC. The reason is simple. Only local planners know which catering companies, transportation services, hotels and other facilities offer the best service within the available budget. Local planners understand cultural norms and expectations and know when to raise prices and add unnecessary extra charges to their invoices.Local planners know where and how to find the best entertainment, fresh food, the most helpful staff, and the best itineraries.


Destination management companies often partner with the Destination Management Executive Association (ADME), a key resource for education, standards, and practice in the DMC industry. ADME is also involved in the accreditation of destination management companies and certification of destination management professionals.

If you’re looking for a DMC, Concept travel and conference is great place to start your search. Concept is doing a excellent work when comes to DMC. All DMCs listed in the ADME directory meet the association’s membership criteria, including requirements for services provided by DMC and other important requirements such as having appropriate general liability insurance.


Concept travel and conference company is directly dependent on the customer’s experience, and it is important to collect and validate the tourist’s experience. A deep understanding of destinations, markets and tourist experiences can help you target the needs, wants and expectations of a particular market segment. Destinations are managed to provide tourists with an unforgettable and wonderful experience in terms of accommodation, facilities, amenities, activities, and dining, and continue to make progress to increase tourist influx and generate income.