Best Tools For Work From Home

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If you’re a working professional, there are a lot of chances you’ve started working from home. With everything moving online, you need tools and apps that can help you sort everything out. From team communication to scheduling office work, there are a lot of things these tools will help you with. So, here are some of the best tools to improve your work from home experience.

Google Workspace

You may also know it as G-Suite. Google Workspace provides you with tools specifically made for working professionals. Online collaborations, team meetings, and just about anything that you require to work with someone are at your disposal.

Google Meet, which is a video conferencing tool, Google Chat, and Google Calendar help keep everyone in touch and organized. Google Workspace provides you with all of these and a lot more. Google Workspace is available on Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. We’ll recommend using a yearly subscription as it is the best value for money.


Every bit of information is shared via a document online. Most companies use PDF as the document format as it provides the best quality and security of data. If you need to edit a PDF, it can take a lot of time or you can use PDFSimpli.

PDFSimpli has all the edit features that you may need for a PDF. You can convert PDF to Word or to any other format you wish for. It also has more advanced features like merging two PDFs, adding a watermark to your PDFs, and much more. 


Work from home can be difficult considering the number of distractions. Imagine hopping on Instagram for just 5 minutes which somehow turned into half an hour, causing you to fall behind on the deadline. If you find yourself distracted while working as well, then this app is for you.

Freedom is designed to learn from your behavior and suggest changes to improve productivity. It prompts the user to block certain websites that are taking a little too much of their time. You can block certain sites or the whole internet, for that matter. You can also schedule the amount of time you can access these sites during the day. Use Freedom to stay focused and improve your productivity throughout the day.


You have to share a lot of files online when you are working from home. Sharing and storing files in your personal disk can prove to be tedious. You can’t directly share files with anyone, and everything can become very unorganized if you are not very careful.

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services. With its ability to sync your data over multiple platforms, you can edit your progress via any device. Dropbox offers 2GB of storage space for a free account. You can buy subscriptions to increase storage space when you need to.

Online work can take a lot of your effort and time if you are not innovative. These apps will provide the support you need and save you a lot of time.