How to create a stage plot?

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If you are a musician and you are going to do a show somewhere very soon, then sending or stage plot ahead of time is a good idea. This helps the venue to be prepared, and even you can be prepared with the entire setup. This is also very handy for those who need tweaks in the physical setup. This makes the life of every band member, musician, sound director, venue manager, club owner lives simpler.

What is a stage plot?

A stage plot is a layout of your entire setup being spread out on the stage. It specifies the location of every object relatively. The more detailed the stage plot is, the move easier it is for everybody. It includes details like where the drummer would be, behind the musician or on the right or left; where the Mike of this single is going to be; Location of various amplifiers, base, monitor locations and various outlets that need to be placed are all mentioned in the stage plot.

What to include in a stage plot?

A stage plot is best when it is detailed. The more details one may put in, the better the performance will surely be. It also helps the band to look professional.

  • A rough representation of where all the members of the band may be positioning themselves.
  • Name and designation of each member.
  • Position of each instrument and the individual who plays it.
  • A number of monitors, outlets, amplifiers, mikes, etc., will be needed need to be mentioned.
  • Whether the drum and keyboard be mice’d or directly connected for output.

Common symbol representation of each component

If you did not plan beforehand and the venue wants a stage plot at short notice, then use the following symbols to get it done.

  • Few circles denote the drum.
  • An X in the area of the stage is the position of the mic
  • Amplifiers are denoted by rectangles
  • Stage wedges are shown by triangles
  • Everything else can be written or drawn in a very simple form.

Pro tip: if you do not have time to do a stage plot, then make a rough input list and send it to the venue.

How to create a stage plot?

You can use an online stage plot maker to make your life easier and get a stage plot done in no time. A band that send in the stage plot earlier helps the band stand out as a professional among all the members that may be performing at a venue. Also, trust the sound engineer as they know the venue best. If they suggest tweaking the set-up a little bit, it will surely help your band perform better.


A stage plot makes the life of every individual in relation to the show, that is, the musicians and the venue owners, easier. Also, it helps to not create chaos on the day of the event. So in order to face any blunders, one should surely send in a stage plot earlier to help everybody set up easily.