Best TV mount recommendations for different needs & budgets!

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Most homes don’t have the extra space for an entertainment unit. People would rather have their TV mounted on the wall, than invest in furniture for television alone. Buying TV mounts can be overwhelming, because there are just too many choices. Websites, such as Prime Cables, have all kinds of options in mounts, and in this post, we are discovering the best choices for every need.

#1- Cheapest TV mount for minimal budget

If you have a small home, or simply don’t have the budget for an expensive wall mount, you can pick a fixed option. A fixed TV mount is super cheap and fixes your TV in one particular position. On the downside, you cannot really adjust the viewing angles and would have to probably binge watch your favorite shows from the same position. However, these mounts are also super easy to install, so you don’t have to call the professionals and turn this into a DIY job.

#2 – Best mount for incredible viewing experience

For those who do not mind spending on a TV mount, a full-articulating model is the best choice. True to its name, these mounts allow you to watch the TV from almost every part of the room. The screen can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. If you are working in the kitchen, just adjust your screen and watch your shows. On the flip side, full-motion TV mounts are expensive, and you may need to hire installation help. All the nuts, accessories, and bolts are usually included in the package.

#3 – Mounting the TV when there is no wall space

You don’t have free space on the wall – Now what? Well, your next best choice is to get a ceiling TV mount. These mounts are designed to offer the best possible experience, by suspending the TV from the ceiling with the help of a stand that’s mounted on the ceiling. This is exactly what you have seen in most restaurants and bars, and this can be considered for your home too.

Where to buy TV mounts?

Online stores have some great deals and offers on TV mounts, and you are likely to find more options. You can also consider a tilting wall mount, which allows you to move the television only vertically, but could be a great choice for many homes.

Review the size recommendations, what’s included in the package, and don’t compromise on durability – That’s all about buying TV mounts!