Great Solutions for the perfect Airsoft Pistols

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The ball pistol is an essential accessory for practicing airsoft. When the pistol exposes the design of an existing real weapon, one speaks of “replica”. To satisfy the desires and tastes of users, the designers put at your disposal whole panoply of pistols and practical weapons. Therefore, you must consider several criteria to choose your airsoft ball gun. Find out here how to choose your airsoft ball gun.

The criteria to consider when choosing your ball pistol

Depending on the mode of propulsion of the balls, there are three types of ball pistols: gas, electric, and spring. If you want to have more sensations, choose the gas pistols. On the other hand, for more power, the pistols with springs are the most indicated. With WRC2Extreme  you can have the best.

The power

Depending on the propulsion mode of the replica, the power can be around 2 joules. Indeed, it should be noted that the power recommended in an airsoft game must be adapted to the level of protection of the players. On the other hand, the power must also correspond to the safety rules which are established at the start of the game.

Types of possible aftershocks

Possible replica models include all firearms. It is for this reason that you can discover on the shelves of the shops:

  • handguns
  • rocket launchers
  • shotguns
  • grenade launchers
  • assault rifles
  • bolt action rifles
  • snipers, etc.

All these types of replicas are authorized in the practice of airsoft, but the pistol remains a widely used tool. Indeed, during the game, you must equip yourself with a main weapon, and a secondary weapon or relic. For the main reply, it is generally the assault rifle type weapons that are preferred. The latter are often accompanied by a handgun. In fact, it is more important to choose the right gun. It is essential for close combat. Discover airsoft gun replicas to make a better and more efficient choice.

The price

The price of a ball gun for a replica varies depending on several factors. Indeed, the price depends on the manufacturer, the quality of the design materials, the assembly and the quality of the finish.

Your height and weight

Your morphology is a very important criterion in the choice of your airsoft ball pistol. In reality, during the whole game, you have to bear the weight and the bulk of your replica. In fact, you should in no case throw yourself on the largest and heaviest replica. Good minutes of handling will help you make the right choice.

Your play style

If you are a mobile player, you should favor compact replicas to have great freedom of movement. On the other hand, if your style of play is more posed, the long replicas will suit you perfectly. The scope to select differs depending on where you practice airsoft. A long barrel will be more reliable outdoors while in a building a short barrel will be more effective.