Blunt vs. Joint. What is The Difference Per Smoke and Vape DZ in Texas?

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There is a 14.9% CAGR in the $10.8 billion cannabis industry. As a result of the industry’s success, cannabis usage for recreational purposes has been legalized in 21 states and the District of Columbia. The development of the cannabis market has resulted in several methods of using the drug. You may eat them, drink tinctures made from them, or even smoke them if you like the old-fashioned way. Blunts and joints are the two most common ways to smoke cannabis. But what makes them distinct, and which of the two variants is best for you? Stick on if you want to know the difference between a blunt and a joint.

What is a Blunt?

A blunt is a rolled marijuana that is wrapped like a cigar.  These wraps are made of tobacco, which increases the stimulating effects of smoking cannabis. They last far longer than joints or spliffs and are often bigger. Blunt wrappers are widely available at convenience and supermarket shops, often in packages of one or two. Many of them have added flavors. To make a blunt, you may also disassemble a cigar, remove the tobacco, and reuse the packaging. Cigarillos are also fantastic for blunts, especially Phillies, Swisher Sweets, and Dark & Milds.

What is a Joint?

The use of joints to consume marijuana is more common and well-known. Joints, like cigarettes, are easily transportable since you can pack them in your bag and light them wherever you go. A decent joint, however, takes considerable practice to roll.

What Are the Differences Between Blunts and Joints?

Size. Blunts are typically more lengthy and thicker than joints; however, joints of varying sizes are possible based on the paper used to roll them. A typical joint only has around a third of a gram of cannabis in it. In comparison, a blunt typically contains anything from half of a gram to a full gram of cannabis.

The material of the rolling paper. A joint is just marijuana rolled into a rolling paper, whereas a blunt is a marijuana wrapped in tobacco-based paper. This standard method will give you an answer that will satisfy most seasoned cannabis users and tell you if you have a joint or a blunt.

Burn Time. A joint’s burn time is proportional to the amount of marijuana included inside it. A good cannabis joint will burn for around 5-15 minutes. To smoke a joint containing 1 gram or more of marijuana takes around 15 minutes. However, how you pass the joint affects the burn time since inhaling it more might shorten the duration. Unlike joints, which burn out quickly, average blunt burns for around 25 minutes.

Rolling. Also, blunts are a little trickier to roll than standard joints. You can roll a joint in no time if with just the cannabis and rolling paper, However, the paper used in a blunt needs to be dampened to the point of pliability. You may take your time wrapping it up tightly since the tobacco is more difficult to work with than thin paper which is used to roll a joint.

Which is The Best Between the Two?

There is no clear winner when debating whether to smoke a joint or a blunt. Both have their perks and drawbacks. Go for joints if you want a light experience with flexibility. Blunts, on the other hand, will provide a richer experience that is more suited for group events.

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