Choose the Best Interior Designing Company for To Build Your Dream Home

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Firstly, a good interior design company will be able meets the needs of the customer. In our design studio, we always listen carefully to the client and our proposals are created based on his or her wishes. The proposal is then refined and improved upon after conversations and discussions with the customer

Ergonomics And Planning

One of the important criteria for good design is the balance of functionality and aesthetic. An poorly planned interior design threatens your day-to-day lifestyle and wastes resources. After all, if, for example, you have narrow passages or improper arrangement of appliances in the kitchen, this causes great discomfort in everyday life and sooner or later you will have to spend time and money to fix it.

Therefore, interior design companies in Singapore should only make competent layouts and discourage customers from making decisions that, in our opinion, will create problems in the future. The designer can foresee the problems in advance due to their experience, and  prevent clients from making impulsive or rash decisions.Hence, choosing the best and top interior design company, such as Space Factor ( for the task is important for your home design and comfort.


Ergonomic aspects of a home also include correct lighting. There should be enough light in the interior of a home. Its intensity and amount of light sources depends on the purpose of the room. Our electrical and lighting layout plans are based on Singapore HBD requirements, codes and customer’s preferences. After all, different people need a different number of electrical outlets, or we are all used to managing lighting scenarios in our own way. A family of four might need more charging points.

Unity And Harmony

The composition of an empty space is achieved with the help of certain techniques that are not available to the layman at first glance. The harmonious space looks the same stylistically and in color. It does not fall apart visually or over time.

As you visit Space Factor, you will realize how professional they are in addressing design problems and creating aesthetic visual effects. In Singapore, such companies are hard to find. Hence, it is important for homeowners to choose a design company which they can trust.

An easy way to harmonize a space is to use similar elements in all rooms. For example, it can be similar materials and finishes, geometric shapes, colors. If rectangles predominate in your furniture, right angles can be repeated in tiles, in lamps, and even in the framework of sockets.


They say that the taste and color of all homeowners are different and unique in their own way. It seems to us that this is not quite the correct expression. A good design will look good even over the years. In order to understand what is good and what is bad, it is necessary to form observation and be updated of the modern trends and ideas. This can be achieved by reading authoritative magazines and blogs on interior design.

Styles are tied to the place and to the budget, there is no point in making classics in a one-room apartment, just like how the Scandinavian style in a house with classic furniture will look strange.


A complete interior design project requires the necessary drawings, floor plans and specifications for the implementation of the project. Interior design companies like us select texture, furniture and raw materials of good quality in accordance with the budget. We also take delivery times into account. What you see on our portfolio can be replicated with the right materials. We do not merely paint beautiful pictures; we make design come to life.