Why should you submit all your assignments as PDF documents?

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Are you wondering why PDFs are essential and confusing? Why should you submit all your assignments as PDF documents and not word documents? Many times teachers find it challenging to sort out all documents. PDFs make it easy to organize the collective work and also ensure correct marking can be done. 

Given below are a few other reasons why you should convert your word document into PDF.

PDF files are easy to create

The number one reason why everyone should make PDF files is because of their ease of creation. It is one of the most popular file forms available today, and the way you can easily create PDF files now is so admirable.  Saving your files as a PDF option is available both in word and as Google docs, and you can easily convert all your assignments there. 

These files are also smaller in size than your normal document and help in saving a lot of space on your device and that of the person receiving it. It’s very easy to convert PDF to Word online

It does not change the formatting

PDF files look the same everywhere, and you did not need to worry about the change of formatting. A common problem seen in many word files is that when the person receives that, it changes the composition, and the visual aspects of your document are lost. As a student, you often worked very hard to create a good document that is visually appealing and looks professional, and will impress your teacher. 

But when your teacher downloads your word document, it can often change the formatting because of older versions of word or less updated features such as graphics, fonts, etc. Sending a document as a pdf ensures that your teacher will look at the document that is well-formatted as you want them to look at it without being worried about the lack of updated fonts, styles, graphics, etc. This makes it easier to check and create a good impression that you have given a good document and also allows you to add in the latest features so that you get the highest marks. 

Secure, compact, and multidimensional

When you convert your documents into PDFs, they are very secure. You can protect your PDF’s content by adding security options such as locks, passwords, digital signatures, watermarks, etc. Pdf documents also offer a very multidimensional view, and you can include text images, graphics hyperlinks, buttons, etc. in this. 

Create a beautiful pdf that is a reflection of your hard work there are also compact in size and can be easily converted and compressed while retaining the formatting and complete information. Use the PDF to Word free tool and create impactful pdf’s. 

Works on all operating systems

The biggest reason why you should convert all your documents into PDFs before submission is that PDF works on all the major operating systems. So even if your teacher uses a Mac or Windows, they will be able to view the document without any problem. They will also consider the final form that you send that is formatted and not changed during the download.