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Choosing a Roof for Your Dream House: 2 Things To Consider

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Before you sit down with an architect and contractor to design your dream house, you probably have a list of wants and needs such as the number of rooms and whether you want an open concept living area. One thing many people leave off of this list is the roof. You may have roof features such as a general shape and where you want the chimney to be, but it is important to also consider your climate and the roofing materials used to have the best outcome.


The climate where you are building your dream house plays an important part in choosing a roof. If you live in a cold and wet climate, then you need to consider how your roof will handle large volumes of snow. Roofing companies will usually recommend some sort of snow roof system and regular load testing if your location sees frequent and heavy snowfall. These systems can help you calculate whether you need snow removal services, keep the snow from sliding off onto walkways and even help it melt easier. Darker roofs will attract heat from the sun and snow retention systems are designed to funnel the melt under the ice to your gutter system.


The materials used to build your roof are important for more than just aesthetic and cost reasons. Some roofing materials will hold up better under harsh winter conditions and others will resist transferring heat into the house on scorching summer days. One of the best all-around roofing materials is metal because it can be coated to resist various climate conditions and colored to match your aesthetic. This material is also resistant to impact damage from debris and makes it easier to install roofing accessories like solar panels or snow retention systems.

When you take climate and roofing materials into account when designing your dream home, you can provide your family with lasting protection from the elements and save yourself from frequent and expensive maintenance or repairs. Cold and wet climates benefit from metal roofing and systems designed to handle ice and snow.