What Can Be The Valentines Gifts For Him?

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Valentine’s Day celebrations are just a matter of counting the days. Maybe many people are preparing to celebrate Valentine’s with their loved ones at this time. This full of love day is usually celebrated by spending time with loved ones. They are starting from giving gifts, having a romantic dinner, going on vacation, to just spending time with your partner at home and usually giving gifts by men to their lovers. So far, girls usually only wish their lover by giving them chocolates and a bouquet. However, why not do the opposite?

Celebrating Valentine isn’t only a man’s obligation to give gifts, but you can also give special gifts to prove mutual affection. If you still don’t know what a suitable gift can be given to him, you can try to give one of the lists of them suitable as a valentines gift for him below.

1. Flowers

When giving a flower bouquet to a man, it’s best to avoid pastel colors. A man is synonymous with something masculine. At the same time, pastel colors are colors that are synonymous with a woman. Pastel colors are very subtle and are not suitable for men. You can give Valentine flowers Singapore online to your loved one who is away from you. All you have to do is choose the right flower, place an order, then it will be sent to him.

Bright colors are the right choice when it comes to choosing flowers for men. You can give flowers in red, purple, blue, white, orange, or yellow. You can use the combination of sunflowers and roses, too! With bright and strong colors like that, it will generate enthusiasm and positive energy for the recipient. Besides, roses are flowers that are synonymous with true love.

2. Handwritten letter

Nowadays, people will send messages using smartphones. This makes a handwritten letter less and less used to express love. However, there’s nothing wrong with sending messages to your partner via handwritten letters. Because handwritten letters can make your lover feel the sincerity of your love for him, you can express your gratitude and feelings in the letter.

3. Perfume

For those of you who don’t have the chance to find out or ask your lover what he wants, giving perfume is the safest way. So, if you spend time with him, you must have memorized the perfume he usually uses. Or if you don’t know what perfume he uses, find out which one you think matches his personality.

4. Wine

Suppose you plan to spend Valentine’s Day with your lover at his house. You can bring a bottle of his favorite wine. Choosing wine as a gift is the right thing when you are confused about what to give. Especially if you plan to celebrate by spending time with him at home, wine can be a great match at dinner or when watching a movie together. Wine, handwritten letters, and a bouquet are the perfect mix for your loved one.

5. A bouquet of his favorite things

If your lover doesn’t like being given a bouquet, then this can be your choice. You can arrange their favorite items or something they need. Men’s items are arranged in such a way as to resemble a flower bouquet. You can put his favorite items such as chocolates, snacks, deodorants, mint candies, shavers, wine, toothpaste, and others.

6. Personalized Watch

This personalized watch can be one of your choices for him. Because something special usually comes in a box with a ribbon decoration on it. Everything special comes in a box. Watches are made of selected wood, and there are engraved initials of the name that make them special. Make this watch always decorate his wrist and remind him that you are happy to appreciate every second you spend with him.

7. Sweater

Choose a sweater that matches the body and personality of your lover. Make it a symbol that the sweater represents you who will always hug him warmly.

8. Vacation together all-day

This is perfect for those of you who are in a long-distance relationship. You can surprise him by visiting him on Valentine’s Day. Free up your schedule so you can meet him and spend the whole day together. A simple thing like that is the most valuable for him.

9. Your homemade food

Besides gifts in physical form that can be stored and lasted for a long time, you can also make handmade food for your partner. It doesn’t have to be a heavy meal; small snacks can also be the most impressive gift.

Besides handmade chocolate, you can try other light snacks such as cookies, jelly, cupcakes, and even candy. Or you can make your partner’s favorite food. If your partner doesn’t like sweets, you can make something that tastes more savory, like pasta.

Don’t forget to decorate it with pink ribbons to make it look even cuter. Even though your food gift can’t be stored for long, the food you make is made with love and affection that cannot be compared to any other of it.

10. Scrapbook

Photos are a memory store of the most romantic memories in a relationship. Through photos, sweet, bitter, and pleasant memories while you were dating can be remembered forever. You can create these photos in various ways, for example, into a scrapbook.

You can fill this scrapbook with exciting things such as photos and stories related to happy moments for you and your partner. You can decorate as sweetly as possible using various techniques, such as pop-up techniques, folding techniques, and so on. This scrapbook will always be a gift that your loved one remembers.

Gift-giving isn’t just to be done with your boyfriend, but you can give your dad the recommendation above. Because after all, Valentine’s Day is the chance to show more love to those they love. If you are far away from people you care about, you can send them via courier service. Through this gift delivery Singapore, the difference in distance is no longer a problem.