Common H1B Visa Questions Answered

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While most foreigners are familiar with entering the United States on a Green Card, there are ways for nonimmigrant foreigners to legally remain in the U.S. under certain visas. The H1b Visa is one such visa that allows non-immigrants to be employed in the US if they work in specialized occupational fields.

How long can you stay in the US under an H1b Visa?

Most H1b Visas last for a period of three years after which you’ll be required to apply for an extension. They can be extended for up to six years.

What if you lose your job?

If you become unemployed while on an H1b visa, then you would be allowed to stay in the US for an additional 60 days while you job hunt. If you are unsuccessful at finding another job, then you would have to leave the country.

How do you qualify for an H1b Visa?

The main requirements for participating in the  H1b Visa program are to hold a Bachelor’s Degree, have twelve years of experience in your field, and earn a minimum of $60,000 annually although recent laws have increased the salary requirement.

How long does it take for an H1b Visa to be approved?

H1b Visa applicants are randomly selected on an annual basis through a lottery system, but laws have recently changed now giving priority to applicants who have been offered the highest wages.

How much does an H1b Visa cost?

The standard cost of filing for an H1b Visa is $460 which is subject to increase.

Any other questions?

While this provides a general overview about H1b Visas, if you have further questions, it’s advisable to consult an immigration attorney or H1b visa law Los Angeles expert to learn more and obtain representation.