Considerable Options for the Best Bets

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The cause of personal limitation is high earnings. A player who consistently wins does not interest the bookmaker. It makes the rest of the players lose money, discouraging them from participating and leaving the bookmaker. Bookies want everyone to win sometimes and sometimes to lose, to keep everyone “hooked”. To avoid this, there are limits to profit.

Earnings limitations bookies

The profit limits that some bet188 bookies impose are unacceptable. Obviously, the last two reasons are intolerable, unfair, and immoral. A player cannot be sent off for being good at betting. The fair thing is that the bookmaker is hard and hard: equally for the winning players as for the losing ones.

Here the state in Spain should intervene. Profit limits should be explicitly prohibited, and market limits transparently regulated. But it is clear that the law of the game is to collect, not to protect the players. For this, let us be free.

The case of Bet365 limitations

In this sense, in Spain some players have joined and have filed a claim for limitations with Bet365. We will see what remains. It is fair to say, however, that Bet365 is precisely one of the houses with the most liquid markets in our country, and curiously, the one that works best.

  • It is true that in recent months there have been confirmed cases of market limitations in this house, although as we have said they have their reason for being. On personal limitations, the courts will decide.
  • Unfortunately, Bet365 is one of the few practical alternatives to find liquidity in minority sports such as cycling, the ITP tennis circuit, etc. Especially in countries with highly regulated markets. For example, in Spain or Colombia, where users do not have access – at least legally easy – to Asian bookies , many of the smaller houses cannot provide liquidity and the limitations are even stricter.

Betting without limits is possible. There are options.

Fortunately, there are simple strategies to avoid falling into a limitation. We will tell you in the following article, that this one has already extended too much. Be aware.

And if they have already limited you, tell us your case below, in the comments section. There are alternatives for you to continue in the world of betting. It is possible that from the community we can help you. And don’t miss the next post either. We will also give you some recommendations in this regard.

Knowing the profitability of your sports betting is one of the most important activities that any serious bettor must do. It is not just about knowing if we earn more or less money. It is about quantifying the real return on the resources we have invested.