Safe betting Choices for You Now

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The ‘safe bet’ method, that’s the Surebet method. You only need a registered account in a minimum of 2 bookmakers and time to review and calculate which are the best options to bet on each event. One of the safest methods used by professionals in the world of sports betting with sbobet888.

The Beginning Of The Surebet Method

To start betting according to this method, the first thing we need is the account in the betting houses, then choose those sports in which the tie is not considered as a result option, such as:

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball

The most important thing is to have the amount of the odds in each bookmaker for the different results offered for the same sporting event, such as a tennis match. If we choose correctly in which bookmaker we make each bet, regardless of the result we will always get a profit.

To test this method properly, the first times the easiest thing is to look for an event of significance, that we know we can find on different betting websites.

Use The Surebet Technique In Sports Betting

To directly apply this method in sports betting, we must compare the odds and make a simple mathematical account, which allows us to differentiate between Surebets and those that do not qualify. Different odds for tennis players in the same tennis match, regardless of their value.

NFL games with very tight odds

To carry out this method we only have to divide 1 by the odds of both possible bets and add the results, if the total is less than 1 we have a Surebet. An example of this would be: odds chosen for the two options of a tennis match, player 1 – odds of 1.85; Player 2-odds of 2.40. (1 / 1.85) + (1 / 2.40) = 0.540 + 0.416 = 0.956. Being a result less than 1, we have a Surebet.

Surebet For All Sports

Unfortunately, this method is only valid for sports that do not consider a tie as an end result option. If we want to bet on sports such as soccer in which there are ties, we must implement the number of bookmakers to a minimum of 3, and in the same way we must find the odds for the 3 possible highest results. Then we do the mathematical account shown above again and determine whether or not it is a Surebet.


We could go crazy and think that it is an infallible method to win, and that although the amounts entered are low, in the long run we can earn a lot of money. But the reality is that it is only effective on certain occasions, and the odds of the bookmakers may vary in the time we are completing our bets that force us to redo the calculations and it may no longer be a Surebet. On the other hand, profits range between 0.5 and 5% in most cases, although it is true that these can rise in certain events.