Dress Up Your Home Brewed Coffee with These Common Kitchen Staples

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You do not need to run out to the coffee shop each morning to partake in a fabulous cup of coffee. You can order from your favorite coffee company and have the ideal brew for you delivered to your door.

Those who have grown used to drinking a barista crafted beverage may find brewing a pot a little boring. Not everyone has the talent of handcrafting beverages, nor can they afford a $500 espresso/cappuccino maker to do it for them.

Before you lament your inability to properly froth milk and settle for a bland cup of joe out of the pot, learn these quick tricks to liven up your cup of coffee without fancy syrups or the ability to create a flat white. Use these items found in the typical kitchen.


You can make a simple mocha that provides all the taste without adding caffeine or sugar. Use the cocoa powder you probably have tucked away for winter. You can add it after you brew to your cup or flavor the whole pot by adding one to one and a half tablespoons of powdered cocoa to the coffee grounds before brewing. Blend it into the coffee grounds. To activate the flavor, even more, add a splash of flavored milk such as vanilla, oat, or coconut milk.

Vanilla or Almond

Rather than a heavy syrup, use an extract like vanilla or almond to add zing. Flavor a single cup with a couple of drops, or add one teaspoon to the grounds before you brew.

Common Spices

Nearly every cupboard has a container of cinnamon in it. Add a pinch to a cup of coffee or a quarter of a teaspoon to the grounds before brewing. Add a splash of milk, and you have crafted cafe de olla. If you bake often, you may also have on hand nutmeg, cardamom, or star anise. Try these flavors, too, for an international flavor.


You might associate honey with flavoring tea, but it tastes great in coffee, too. Try your coffee with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of flavored milk.

Take Away the Bitterness with Salt

Perhaps the new coffee you tried tastes too bitter. Add a pinch of salt to the grounds before brewing. This method works great, especially if you like drinking black coffee.

Lemon or Lime

Another way to cut bitterness plus add flavor is a squeeze of lemon or lime. While it does not cut the bitterness, a squeeze of orange or tangerine can also add to the flavor. You can add a couple of drops of an exact or juice to the brew, or you can slice off a wedge of any of these citrus delights to add to your cup.