Exploring New Mexico in the Right Track Now

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The New Mexico or the US New Mexico is one of the countries the United States of America’s most fascinating and rich in sights to see. If you really want to make a trip to New Mexico, you may find this guide shown below very important. Through the following steps, we want to show you what you absolutely must visit in this American country. In this way, you will be able to observe all the beauties that exist in this wonderful land of Central America. In New Mexico Travel Guide you can have the best opions.

The capital Santa Fe

There is an adjective that unites most of the comments on our destination: adorable. And there is no more appropriate term to paint Santa Fe, a pearl in northeastern New Mexico. The city is also famous because a section of historic Route 66 passes through here.

Santa Fe certainly does not represent the classic stereotype of an American city; it is rather a splendid reality that conquers with its style, its cultural background, its buildings with a warm pink color and its center that can be enjoyed step by step. Our invitation is to visit this corner of New Mexico and discover the beauties of the “different city”.

The city of Albuquerque

It’s nice when dreams come true; finally in our itinerary along the west coast we have come to visit New Mexico, defined as “Land of Enchantment” and there could not be a more appropriate definition. Our mind is now filled with indelible memories of the wonders of this great state, land of Indians and cowboys, rodeos and western styles, adobe buildings, enchanting rock formations, plateaus called mesa, chalk dunes, turquoise artifacts, villages called pueblo, Navajo, Apache and Zuni handicrafts, but also the land of red pepper (the chilihanging in the form of braids) and the mother road 66. But there are more Things to do in New Mexico as well.

Despite being quite large, Albuquerque is not plagued by the chaos and traffic typical of other cities in the country; activity is perceived but also a pleasant air of tranquility and in its lively Old Town, always crowded, one never feels uncomfortable. The city embraces us with its mix of modern, Hispanic and native, and it’s a real treat. Coming from the north along the I-25, the skyline appears almost suddenly because in the downtown there are few buildings that can be defined as skyscrapers and those that are there are not high enough to be seen in the distance, but coming from other areas, for example from the west or south, you can better see the skyline of the city center.

These are the major monuments that you will need to be aware of. There are more and that is the reason that each year thousands of tourists come here to visit the places and experience the magnificence of New Mexico. This is the ultimate choice for many due to the wide varieties and that is the reason that you can find so many options.