DUI Evaluations – What are they and how they can affect your sentence?

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DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, it is a charge that can be applied if an individual is found driving, operating, or handling any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is a serious charge that can totally change your life as this charge stays in your records for a long time. Losing your job is first, the chances of getting another one are very less. As of today’s date, every state has adopted a strict policy and punishment for DUI. It also makes taking DUI assessment near me difficult as you’ll be already dealing with legal charges. Getting an idea of how DUI evaluations work and what effect they can have on your sentence can surely help you.

What to expect from a DUI Evaluation?

A DUI evaluation is just another type of medical consultation in which you have to answer some questions about your current and past habits. The process takes not more than 90 minutes and these questions are asked by a substance abuse professional. You may have to give some answers in writing and need to fill an alcohol use inventory even if you’re giving a drug and alcohol assessment online. The professional will also ask you how your habits have affected your personal life and professional life. A mental health screening will be done to determine if any health conditions are affecting your ability to drive under the influence.

After gathering all of the information, the evaluator will begin the review process. Your blood alcohol content results will be analyzed and the professional will review your previous DUIs cases if you have any. You’ll receive the results in a few days. If the evaluator concludes that you are at risk of having a substance abuse problem or you can get another DUI, you’ll have to seek treatment for the same.

How does DUI affect your sentence?

In most cases, evaluation is done after the offender is done with the sentencing. The offender can also get a Court Ordered Alcohol Evaluation in between the sentence for the evaluation. You can also get your evaluation done as a condition of probation but you have to follow all of the rules. If the evaluation is done before the sentencing, it will guide the judge’s decision regarding the duration of your sentence. It can also work in your favor if the court decides to send you to a treatment center instead of prison.

If the court orders to send you to a treatment center, you can work on your recovery. It can also help you in dealing with your habits so that you can drive again legally.

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