Effective Temporary Art Display Systems

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Art display walls provide a versatile solution for both artists and organisations who are looking to create a flexible and short-term art display solution.

Local councils, schools, not-for-profits, businesses and universities are all typical venues that regularly announce and host events displaying art. No matter if it’s a photography display, a painting competition, an art student end-of-year show or an exhibition, when you are looking for an effective art display Brisbane has its very own manufacturer of a range of such options.

These systems are perfect for numerous reasons. Firstly, they are usually made available in a range of standard shapes and sizes, both for horizontal and vertical displays, as individual panels with the ability to interlock with other similar sized panels. They can therefore be set out and arranged to perfectly fill the space that you have available for your show. Just as easily they can be moved and positioned to get the best from the nearest light sources to show off the art in its truest sense. And of course if there are no natural light sources, many panel options feature the ability to run spotlights along rails to illuminate your subject matter.

Secondly, more often than no, art panels are available for hire, both for short-term and long-term periods. So, no matter how long or short your show, or limited or expansive the space you have available to work with, these art display systems provide the perfect solution. Whether you need them just for one day, or for a few months, there will be something suited to your requirement.

Most large exhibitions with shell-scheme booths in-fact use similar boards as the backbone to the expo and the framework that creates the shell structure itself. Their versatility means that they can be scaled up or down accordingly and are often seen but not really noticed forming the islands and aisles in large international conferences and shows.

What makes the panels perfect for art shows and similar exhibitions is the ability to pin, nail or screw your fixings directly into them. Good Australian manufacturers will ensure that the boards are properly maintained so even though you might be hiring a selection of panels that have been used many times previously, the good ones will have been checked, filled, sanded and recoated ready for their next use.

When planning out your show, and your requirement for panels, there are also a number of key considerations that you show make. First of all, have your audience in mind. It makes sense to tailor your show to the needs and expectations of your visitors. As well as identifying the most suitable exhibits that they’re likely to enjoy, it also helps to consider how you might tell stories about certain works of art, or groups of art with similar themes, concepts or history. Shows generally factor in flow of traffic – basically where is the beginning, the middle and the end – and appraising the expectations of your target demographic, then planning out the art journey that they’ll experience at your show is the key to making it both memorable and successful.