Trending wall clocks for your home

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In a world of busy minds and busy schedules, every person seems to be driven by time. Everyone seems to be functioning by the clock and no one has the time to stop and appreciate the nuances of a well-made clock. The traditional grandfather’s clock has now been replaced by simpler designs. Although it is a wise spatial strategy to minimize the size of the clock, you do not have to compromise on the impact it has.

Wall clocks are rarely utilized as a decorative piece and can look stunning if the placement is done properly. Unlike, cushions or blankets, wall clocks are generally out of your reach and are not tested for feel or quality. Instead, their presence only relies on the way they look.

Here are some ideas to add pizzazz to your instrument of time.

  1. A marble clock – A dark marble clock against a white background can make a style statement effortlessly. The hands can be customized to match the rest of your furniture (metallic silver or rose gold).
  2. A minimalistic wooden clock – The touch of wood to go along with jute rugs and wooden furniture can make sure this piece of work blends in seamlessly and yet make a statement on the wall.
  3. An illuminated clock – A simple clock that glows in the dark is ideal for areas that are visible from the bed. Saves you the effort of looking at your phone if you want to know the time at night!
  4. Ceramic or ornamental clocks – This kind of wall clock design is preferred by interior decoration enthusiasts as it can be curated using innumerable shapes, sizes, and colors.
  5. Digital wall clocks – Digital wall clocks are those who wish to know more than just the time. Often equipped with other data like weather, humidity, radio, such clocks are generally preferred for bedside tables. Many digital clocks double up as digital frames as well.
  6. French affair – Using vintage clocks in nooks and corners with other antiques can amplify the effect. The best kind of use of such clocks is when they are paired with an antique metal stand from which the clock can be suspended.
  7. Metal clocks – Contemporary designs often have a metal background for a clock and it looks truly gorgeous as a centerpiece on a wall. The metallic color can add a touch of glamour to the room.
  8. Themed clocks – For a fan of every movie, superhero, or sitcom, there is enough merchandise available to pick from. Themed clocks can be mindfully placed to add a quirky element to the room. Mostly popular with kids, theme clocks are seen adorning walls of a nursery or playroom.
  9. Wall clock – A large space on the wall can be converted into a big clock itself. The numbers can be stuck to the wall or painted on and the needles can be fixed onto the wall.

Well, the time for wall clocks is now!