Everything You Should Know About The Emirates ID

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In the emirates, having an ID is crucial. Regardless of your status – an Emirati or ex-pat, having an ID is vital for your daily life in the UAE. When you have the government ID such as UAE residence visa, you can access most of the government services as well as pass the immigration at various Middle Eastern airports, etc. 

If you applied for an ID, you should check the emirates ID status. If you did not, learn how to send your application. If your ID is stolen, damaged, or lost, learn how to replace it. 

Emirates ID: What Is It?

The Emirates, like most of the other countries, gives an ID (identity) card to the residents and citizens of the UAE. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship issues the ID. The document is legal and it is mandatory for everyone residing in the UAE to possess their identity card, including newborns. 

The Emirates ID protects the identity of the individual and facilitates the identification as well as verification according to international standards. Residents and citizens of the UAE are obligated to apply for their ID and ensure they carry it whenever they are moving out. 

The federal authority of the UAE started issuing an advanced version ID, which has serves for over 10 years, early in June 2021. The purpose of this new Emirates card is to offer additional features like visual as well as electronic security to combat any kind of identity fraud. It would also strengthen the national as well as international confidence across travel documents. 

The new features are:

  1. Non-visible Data Protection: It would be possible to read data through the innovative E-link system featuring ICA.
  2. High-Quality ID with Longer Service: ID card is made of polycarbonate to increase its life for up to 10 years or more. 
  3. 3D Photos (Consolidated): Laser printing enables authentication with the date of birth of the cardholder. 
  4. Latest Technological and Technical Characteristics: The chip of the card to have a higher capacity with non-touch features to read data. 
  5. Codes Definition and More Fields: New information such as personal and professional data, population group, and issuing authority can be included.

What Is The Purpose of Having an Emirates ID Card?

The ID is used for various purposes in the emirates, including:

  • Get free access to government services
  • To have voting rights during the Federal National Council elections
  • ID is the travel document for citizens of the UAE when they travel within GCC
  • ID is also a legal document for passing immigration through smart gates and eGates at the UAE airports

In addition, having the Emirates ID allows citizens to fulfil administrative requirements related to utility services, insurance applications, opening bank accounts, and others. 

How to Get Emirates ID?

Create an official account on the ICA website. Prepare your documents. Have a valid UAE phone number. 

  • Photo for everyone under 15, elders, and people with special medical needs
  • Original certificate of birth for people under 15
  • UAE ID of parents or passport
  • Social insurance certificate to be attested by the Ministry of Community Development
  • Valid health and a medical report from the UAE health authority or Ministry of Health
  • Original POA in case if a third party is involved

After applying, check the Emirates ID status from time to time.