Examples Of Employee Benefits

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The news of getting employed is one of the best anyone can hear. This is because it gives one the impetus to set realistic targets based on how much is paid. Apart from the salaries received, job seekers pray to be employed in a place with mouth-watering employee benefits so they can even prefer a far-away company that has more benefits than one that is just a stone throw away from their homes. Some employment benefits that people consider apart from fat salaries include health packages, transportation allowances, clothing allowances, pension plans, support for children’s education, provision of safety equipment, and holidays.

Health employee benefits usually target anything that improves one’s living conditions. This is why employers often build recreational centers as well as gyms for their employees to work out when they are off duty. Apart from that, they contribute in no small measure to the cost of their employees’ treatment if they happen not to have a clinic in the workplace. In serious conditions that require surgeries, some employees also get the privilege of having some of their hospital bills paid. Health benefits for workers sometimes include dental insurance, vaccinations, and routine check-ups. Many times, this also extends to the worker’s immediate family.

For those who live quite far from the work places, employers usually provide a means of transportation to convey them to work and also return them home. The only part the workers have to play is to get up early and stand at a strategic place. For those workers who may be employed as directors or managers, the company may decide to lease one of its cars and also assign a driver to the person as part of his or her employee benefits. As a result, employees with these privileges have extra money to go home with at the end of the day.

Housing is another very important benefit for working with some companies. This serves as a huge relief to families living in states where the cost of accommodation can take almost 50% of their income. Young school leavers who are working for the first time usually consider this as one of the criteria for choosing a job offer and where to apply to. As one climbs higher the ranks in some establishments, they become more qualified for their housing plans. That is to say that some companies have home benefits for their top workers while some give out homes based on the number of years the workers have served in the establishment.

Another reason why someone will prefer one firm to another is because of the kind of pension plan available. Workers getting employed usually ask questions to know if the company pays pension as well as how long it does even before finding out how much the pension is. Pensions are geared towards helping the workers in their old age, when they have no strength to work again. Ideally, this is taken from the worker’s salary until he retires but then, it still requires an honest employer to calculate correctly and remit all that is due to the workers when they retire.