Kartra Or Clickfunnels – The Right Choice

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In today’s technology-driven and cutthroat competitive world, product, marketing, and sales play an important role. The success of the business or company solely depends on them. The high technology web-based and cloud-based space make it mandatory for companies to have an online platform or solution. The availability of a platform makes your business grow leaps and bounds. The product reach has no boundaries. The sky is the limit. Another advantage is that features, innovations, improvements added quickly as customer response and feedback is instant. Two successful platforms Kartra and Clickfunnels, operate in this space. Choosing between Kartra or Clickfunnels is tricky. Both have their pros and cons. The right choice needs making.

Choosing between Kartra or Clickfunnels is driven by the goals you have set for your business. The platform feature, whether technology-driven or education-driven, matters. The choice between being an entrepreneur, sole-proprietor, or leading entire business matters. Use of the online platform as just a marketing or sales tool or building business matters.

Kartra is fully technology-driven and built as a platform to expand, grow, and explore new horizons for your business. Kartra has a unique page builder software, affiliate management software, helpdesk, checkout, analysis tool, email marketing, domain hosting, affiliate management tool. Video hosting from web pages to membership portals is simple and easy. Video embeddings, subscriber management, file sharing are other user-friendly functions. Functions are available to users across plans irrespective of tier level. The whole system, and function, interconnected in real-time. Webinar hosting is not offered by Kartra, though integration is available. Page loading speed could be an issue. The training platform certainly can be improved.

Clickfunnels is highly education driven. People with low tech skills can easily create sales funnels. It offers total solutions to build sales funnels. A complete tool kit with pre-made templates to build efficient sales funnels. An automated email marketing solution. Affiliate management system built-in. Shopping cart, webinar hosting, membership sites, training material with tips, one dashboard with built-in sales analytical tool. Sales funnel solutions from basic to advanced provided. Page builder with professional design and intuitive user interface enables even people with zero experience to build comfortably. Membership option integration is limited in Clickfunnels. Hosting and uploading of videos cannot be done by members directly. The need arises for additional software like YouTube, Wistia, or Vimeo to complete the functionality. Calendar functionality not present. The helpdesk feature needs improvement.

Kartra is a relatively new company as compared to Clickfunnels. Kartra is a clearcut winner when it comes to built-in features like calendar function, analytics heatmap, video hosting, Helpdesk, Email automation, Split-testing, Membership sites, Pricing plans, affiliate management. Kartra works when you want a cheap solution, run from a single place with data access across fronts. Kartra adapts well to a volatile market and changing business space.

Clickfunnels, clicks when it comes to high-efficiency page and sales funnel building, support, training, webinar hosting, integration. Clickfunnels, works to create efficient landing pages, established business, and the goal is to monetize by migrating to Clickfunnels and use its features, sales function generation that is intricate.

Both Kartra and Clickfunnels do not come cheap. Analyze the goal of your business. Look at the Pros and Cons before choosing between Kartra or Clickfunnels and make the right choice.