Family Camping Trips Require Travel Berkey Filter and These Other Safety Tips

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Taking your children out on a camping trip can be exciting. It’s a new activity for them, and they will look forward to it. You can even remember the time when your parents brought you to a camping trip. It’s one of the most memorable days of your life. Before you embark on this adventure, you have to consider safety first. Make sure you bring everything necessary for the trip, starting with the travel Berkey filter. You need it to guarantee the cleanliness of the drinking water.

If the trip lasts for a few days, you need clean drinking water throughout. You don’t want your children to suffer from waterborne illnesses. Getting medical help when you’re camping in the middle of a forest could be challenging. Apart from having clean drinking water, you should also think about these tips.

Find the right time

Timing is essential for the camping adventure. You don’t want to do it when there’s the terrible weather condition. You won’t enjoy the experience under that circumstance anyway. Check the weather forecast to guarantee that everything will be fine on your chosen date. You can also ask help from authorities that provide permission for camping adventures. If you’re told not to continue your plans, you should oblige.

Pack the right clothing

If you love traveling lite, now isn’t the time to do it. You’re bringing the family vehicle anyway. There’s enough space for everything that you need. Don’t forget to bring clothes that will work in all sorts of weather. Even if you already checked the weather forecast, it could still change. Whether it gets too hot during the day or freezing at night, you have to be prepared.

Bring the camping essentials

Camping teaches you how to live life without the advantages of technology. You have to learn to cook from scratch. You also have to sleep in tents and not in the comfort of your bed. The trip will be in the middle of nowhere, and it’s not the kind of life you’re used to. Bringing the camping essentials will make life as convenient as possible for everyone. Since you’re doing it with your children, make sure they bring pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and whatever makes them comfortable. Maps and compass are also must-haves. You will rely on these items to stay safe, especially if your phone isn’t working anymore.

Take the right food with you

If you want to hunt during the camping trip, it’s okay. It would be a fantastic experience for everyone. Teaching your children how to make food from scratch would be great. However, you should prepare for the possibility that you’re not getting anything. Don’t forget to have packed food with you. Canned goods and cup noodles are the best options. They also last longer. Avoid bringing foods that will immediately expire or rot. If your children have food restrictions, you need to bring food that they can eat and last on the entire adventure.

First aid kits should come in handy

You can’t expect the camping trip to go smoothly even if you planned the entire details. Make sure that you bring first aid kits with you. It needs to have medicines for headaches, colds, and stomachache. Don’t forget the bandage and treatment for the wound. You’re not getting immediate medical attention due to your location, so a first-aid kit is necessary. If your children have specific medical problems, you have to bring their medicines.

Keep contact persons in your speed dial

You need to inform your relatives and friends that you’re taking your children on a camping trip. They have to know about your location. Constantly update them too. If anything wrong happens, they can tell the authorities where you are. You should also keep their contact numbers on speed dial. You can call them during emergencies. You should also keep the number of the local rangers and emergency hotlines. During emergencies, you might be unable to think clearly. It helps if you have these numbers on speed dial for convenience in calling the right people.

Bug protection is necessary

Going in the middle of a forest for a camping trip is like entering a foreign territory. It’s the natural habitats of many bugs, and you decide to live with them. The least you can do is protect yourself using anti-bug lotion or spray. You don’t want to go home filled with bug bites. Some of them can pose significant health risks. If a bug bite gets worse and no treatment works, you must consider cutting the trip short.

Keep it simple 

Sure, you can plan some exciting activities with the kids. You can also have some fun competitions and games. However, you shouldn’t be too ambitious. Setting up the tent alone could already be exhausting. Preparing your meals would also take time and effort. Even getting to your destination is already a challenge. Keep everything simple and try not to set high expectations. Your children will appreciate whatever is available. Besides, it’s their first trip. They won’t know what a camping trip is like. You can step the game up later on your next adventure.

Don’t unpack everything

You should only unpack the things you need to use right away. The rest can stay in your bags. The reason is that you want to make it easier to leave the scene if need be. Whether it’s an animal chase or potential human threats, you don’t want to spend too much time packing. During emergencies, you should also leave the area right away. You don’t have time to pack your things—every second count.

With these tips, you’re ready to pursue this adventure. If you succeeded the first time, your next activity would be more fun. Your children can even help you organize the trip next time. They already know what to do so that the next adventure won’t be too exhausting. You will also feel more complacent, but you still have to keep your guards up.