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Features Of A Deodorizer 

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Room Deodorizer Spray ( เปร ย์ ดับ กลิ่น ห้อง, which is the term in Thai), deodorizer is any essence purifying is could use in-room spray. It is used to absorb the rotten smell and leaves the room with a fragrance. In some disinfectant deodorizers, but it is mostly used in room freshener you can use it in the bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, guest room, or any room in the house. Some deodorizer also absorbs dust and eliminates it. They come in many fragrances you can choose one according to your comfort or the smell you want a deodorant to absorb from your room. They are handy easy to carry and easily available in the market so can buy them online as well as offline. 

How To Use 

A Room Deodorizer Spray is very easy to use, you just need to find a perfect fragrance according to your taste it could be a fresh flower or some strong fragrances. Pull the cap safely Shake it well before you spray it in the room and then spray and here is your favorite fragrance spray it at least once in an hour. It also absorbs dust sometimes.

Features And Precautions 

It comes in a variety of fragrances, pocket friendly, easy to use, and carry anywhere you want. It is environmentally friendly does not seriously affect the environment. It leaves the room with a clean and fresh scent. But do a test before using it. Do not use it near flames and do not keep it in the heat. Keep it away from children. Do not use it as a body spray or do not use it near breathing issue patients like asthma. Try to avoid the use in a dusty room clean your room first then spray. Its sprays do not affect the user. If you spray it on a surface or plastic or metal by mistake still no need to work it does not affect its surfaces, its chemical composition is basic. Room Deodorizer Spray, one spray keeps freshness for so long that it becomes a long-lasting spray so it is pocket friendly. Store it at room temperature and away from your pets. Do not spray it directly on your wounds or into your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. If any direct contact with the body happens please wash it and consult the doctor. Do not put pressure on the bottle or try to crush, puncture, and burn the bottle.