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Tips for cleaning Area Rugs

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Area Rugs add an additional style and décor to the room but it attracts a lot of dust and dirt in it. If you want to keep it fresh and clean then, you need to vacuum it regularly. According to Microbiologists, area rug fibers are the homes of millions of microorganisms as spores, pollen, molds and bacteria etc. This is the reason you should clean area rugs on a regular basis. Area Rugs get dirty, if they are facing heavy foot traffic but there is no need to call a professional rug cleaner every time. You can do it at home also.


The rugs must be vacuumed once a week but it is good if vacuumed regularly. It helps prevent dust particles from sticking deeply in rugs because it picks up the debris and dirt in it while vacuuming. You should shake your rug before you vacuum it so that the particles can be ejected. Then these particles can easily be picked up by vacuum. You should only use suction of vacuum not the brush because it can cause fiber shedding of the rug and rug can be damaged. Sprinkle an anti-bacterial powder on the rug and vacuum it so that you can get rid of germs. Always vacuum from underside too so that dust can be removed. Rug material can be damaged by anti-bacterial powder, which can be acidic.


Whenever a liquid is spilled on a rug, soak it as soon as possible so that it cannot be penetrated in fibers of the rug. Blot the area with a paper towel but rub it carefully so that rug fibers cannot be damaged. Repeat the process until the liquid is fully absorbed. Once the spillage is completely absorbed, leave the rug to dry for three to four hours.


If you want to keep fresh, neat and clean your rug easily, then try a washable rug- machine.


Some rug types are better in stain repellent but you need to keep protected or to clean the stains on rugs. Make a mixture of white vinegar, any mild detergent and warm water and spray it on stains like coffee or wine etc. Then rub it with a paper towel or a piece of fabric. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed from the rug. Mud stains can be removed by leaving them to dry and vacuum before cleaning.


You should select suitable rugs for your pets. Short-piled and dark color rugs are the best choice for pet owners to hide the scratches on it. In this case you need professional help at least monthly to enhance cleanliness and freshness of rug.


Select a station to clean your rugs and pick a day which is sunny. Make a support system between two trees by rope. It can be sturdy benches or walls.


  • Gather your tools first which are Rug shampoo, bucket, sponge are soft brush and water.
  • Thoroughly vacuum rug to remove debris.
  • Mix the rug shampoo in warm water (hot water can fade or shrink the rug).
  • Do a color test on a corner of the rug so that the cleaner cannot damage the rug. If it seems color is not fading then move on to the next
  • Wash the rug by cleaning it with the help of a sponge. Let the cleaner sit on the rug for five minutes so that dirt can be lifted up and cleaned easily.
  • Then rinse it properly until the runoff water is crystal clear.
  • Get rid of excess of water so it’ll dry faster. You can use a wet-dry
  • Then, let it dry; lay the rug flat first so that the top can be dried easily.
  • Then, dry the bottom side and make sure it is fully dried before you return it to room.
  • Brush it out so that the fibers can look fresh as new.
  • Then, you can enjoy your freshly cleaned rug.

It is important to maintain or clean rugs regularly otherwise dirty rugs can cause allergies to the asthma patients. These rugs can be a germs house, which is also a health risk. Cleaning also increases the lifespan of the rug and keeps the rugs fresh.