Footwear That One Must Have In Their Wardrobe

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It can be really tempting to purchase the latest chic pair of shoes because it easily catches attraction, but one should never spare the thought that it is the comfort level of the shoes that matter the most. If one buys a beautiful pair of shoes but struggles to wear them on a regular basis, then there is no point in wearing them.

One must mix comfort with style when they are filling up their shoes wardrobe. Here are some essentials that one must invest on:

Classic Black Pumps

This is a very essential one for every woman no matter how old they are. Most women already have them in their closet and if not then they must add them immediately. A great pair of black pumps can go well with any outfit. One can wear them for evening parties, formal meetings and even on casual dates. These have classic shapes and cuts and so they can hardly go out of fashion.

Nude Pumps

Just like black pumps, having a pair of nude pumps in the wardrobe also never harms. One can style them instantly with any outfit and make it look classic. They are the best ones to choose in order to elevate their casual outfits and they can also add some subtlety to their formal looks. But when picking up a pair of nude pumps one must check if they complement their skin tones or not.

Flat Sandals

When one thinks about comfortable sandals for women, then flat sandals are the first thing that comes to one’s mind. They can go really well with shorts, pair of jeans and even casual dresses. In fact, they are the best companion when one is travelling to beaches. Flat sandals have several shades and designs and among them tan, nude and browns are the most popular. One can pick a casual one for regular wear and a formal pair for special occasions.


They are on trend all the time because they are always comfortable to wear. One must own a cool pair of sneakers which is a staple and one can wear them for all their casual outings. This can also give one some laid back chic vibe. When one is going to buy a pair of sneakers, they must go for some good leather so that it becomes easy to keep them clean.

Ankle Strap Sandals

These are very much underrated when it comes to shoes. But when one wears them, it definitely makes the outfit looks sexier and sleeker. One can wear them on a daily basis especially in summer so that the feet can breathe well under high humidity.

 Ballerina Flats

They look very feminine and cute and wearing them also provides a lot of comfort. One can pair them well with any casual and formal pair.

Once can check all these women footwear online. Apart from these, one might add a pair of boots and high heels in their shoe closet. These are the pairs which are not regular wears but one can up their style game anytime with them.