Do You Know How to Issue Receipt & Tax Invoice for Anyone?

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If you have no idea and haven’t listened to what Person Receipt (ใบเสร็จรับเงิน บุคคลธรรมดา, which is the term in Thai) or Invoice is then, you’re in right place. Recently, you have opened a new store and don’t even understand what these two are? Don’t worry! Become a beginner in the online or offline selling world today. After reading this article, you can easily issue a bill receipt and invoice for tax payment with confidence.

For that, you need to know a few things like what is billing receipt and Invoice. Firstly, understand the difference between these two then after, processes involve issuing it. Let’s begin the journey of learning and becoming a beginner to a pro recipient.

Know What Bill Receipt & Tax Invoice is?

The document/piece of paper issued by the recipient to provide proof that the payment has been accepted by the store is termed as Person Receipt (Receipt). It is also termed as the Bill or Billing Details or Receipt. So, don’t get confused because each term has the same meaning. The bill contains much important information like Name, Tax ID Number, date, time, Amount, Product Name, Quantity, and many others.

Generally, the receipt must be given to a customer for each purchase but, some stores have different policies. It can be shown as proof while claiming any kind of insurance or return. And, this document contains the signature of the head or stamp of a particular seller store.

The Tax Invoice (ใบกำกับภาษี, which is the term in Thai) is also an important document or paper that a Value Added Tax (VAT) registrant issue to purchase goods/services each time when a trade is performed.

After paying taxes, you can show it to others by saying that you have submitted all the taxes and values of goods and services. Not paying the taxes is a criminal offense so, knowing issuing an Invoice slip can lead to future problems.

How Receipt & Invoice is issued?

Since you’re living in a modern era where a computer or artificial intelligence (AI) rules. In this era, you need to just enter a few details of customers and products and the rest computer will do. You just need to print that already created document and handover to the consumer. That’s it! And, nothing more you have to do. If you don’t any computer-related service then, you can issue a Person Receipt as a handwritten document.