Four Best Tools For Students

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Students globally spend a fair share of their time online. Most academic disciplines require active knowledge of modern technology and digital media. From preparing assignments to making class presentations, all such tasks require the internet and technology. Also, most courses today run through satellite, which means students can attend them remotely.

This means that every aspect of their learning is done online. However, knowledge of technology amongst students is unparalleled, and to stay in the competition, you must have some handy tricks up your sleeves. If you are a student, read this article to know about the best online tools for you currently.

PDF Editor

Portable Document Format is the most popular file extension used academically and professionally. Most data transactions and assignment submissions are made in this format only. Therefore, it is a must to have a tool to help you through PDF file handling.

A PDF editor helps you make preliminary changes in your research material by allowing you to highlight relevant parts in the document. Additionally, you can also add commentary or a text box in the document to present your opinions.

Apart from all the editing, a PDF editor allows you to convert a PDF file to any other file extension to make necessary edits using specialized tools.

For example, you can convert a file from PDF to Word directly and open the said file in MS Word to make all the edits. Once you are done making changes, convert the file back to PDF and send it out to your professors.


Projecqt is a great platform to make an interactive presentation and explain your points easily. This is a great app to make dynamic presentations with multiple multimedia support. You can add songs, videos, and tunes in the background to get the undivided attention of the audience.

The app also has a feature to add quizzes and questions to keep everyone in the loop. This ensures that your audience isn’t bored, and they take an active part in your journey. If you are bored with traditional slides and bogus presentations, try Projecqt to improve your game.


cK-12 is a great learning platform for students. The app aims at providing useful, informative content for free through an open-source platform. The content present on cK-12 can be modified and accessed by anyone.

Regular updates may have the inclusion of audio and videos in the available content. Moreover, all the materials available on this platform are per the country’s standards.

All the books and documents present on this platform are made adaptive for students and teachers from different regions. Therefore, if you are keen on learning new things with no latent costs, cK-12 is the best place for you.


Animoto is yet another presentation tool, which is handy for students and teachers alike. The best thing about this app is its mobile accessibility. This means you can access and create high-quality interactive content even from your mobile phones.

If you are an academic intern, you can use this tool to improve upon existing courses or design new courses. The animation features can be used to incorporate story-telling in the learning process.