Har Ki Dun Trek

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Har Ki Dun Trek

Garhwal’s mountains are known for their dramatic formations and varied geographic areas. The region’s varied topography includes streams of clear rivers that are formed from melting glaciers, lush green meadows and hamlets, as well as pine forests, rugged terrain, and rocky vistas. It is the mythological side of the region that makes it so special. Har Ki Dun trek This makes the difficult journey even more memorable. Trekking through the Valley of Gods would be a wonderful experience. Follow the track once broken by Pandavas to reach the heavens. It is impossible to know how close you are to the heavens, but the breathtaking views of the snow-covered peaks is a truly magical experience.

Har ki Dun is one of the most popular and revered in Nepal. Most spiritual and ancient treks All time. Being the Most beautiful valley of the Garhwal This trek is popular with adventure enthusiasts from all walks of life. This trek takes you through stunning scenic views and is a top-rated summer trek. The trek will take you through meadows dotted with orchids, wild rhododendrons, and dense jungle. Har ki Dun can be found at an elevation of 11,675ft. It is still considered an easy trek for those who have little to no experience.

Har ki Dun is also known as the hanging valley. This trek will take you through some breathtaking scenes. This trek can also be referred to as Har ki Dun. Known as beginner trek During your trek, you will come across lush greenery as well as the stunning beauty of the mountains. The region’s lush alpine forests, and panoramic views of the mountains offer a wonderful place to soak up the positive energy.

Trek Details

  • Pickup Point: Day 1 Dehradun Railway Station
  • Departure time at Dehradun Railway Station, Day 1.7:15am
  • Day 1: 2nd Pickup Point Kitab Ghar bus stand, Mussoorie
  • Mussoorie –7:45 a.m.
  • Drop Point on Day 7 Dehradun Railway Station
  • Time of arrival at Dehradun Railway Station on Day 7.6pm
  • Base Camp Sankri
  • Distance from Dehradun to Basecamp (Sankri-210 km
  • Cloakroom: There is no separate cloakroom. Our team will take your lugguage and you can return it to them. It will be kept safe at Sankri, in the same Homestay.
  • The Tata Sumo Bolero or similar shared vehicle may be used by a few local passengers. The cab will run from Dehradun, Sankri, and Sankri to Dehradun.
  • Each person will be charged Rs.1200/per person.
  • The cab can seat seven people.
  • Dehradun: The entire cab cost 6500
  • To reach Sankri, trekkers can choose to travel by bus/local cab.

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