How To Support a Friend After a Car Accident

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It’s an unfortunate fact to consider, but any one of us is at risk of suffering a personal injury at practically any time. Car accidents are extremely common causes of injuries in the United States, and that’s if you survive the accident. There are over 33,000 fatal car crashes per year in the United States, and millions result in injuries serious enough to require medical attention.

If you have a friend who was injured in a car accident, you may be having difficulties coming up with ways to support them. Suffering a serious injury in an accident often makes the accident victim feel powerless or hopeless in the face of circumstances beyond their control. It can be hard to find the right words to show that you care and ease them into a different mindset. No matter where your injured friend is on their road to recovery, here are a few great ways you can support them.

Sympathy presents are always a great option.

You may think the image of sending flowers or cards to the hospital is a cliché, but thoughtful gifts really can make a world of difference during difficult times, especially when they come from close friends and loved ones. Just remember to follow basic gift rules, such as avoiding any present that may remind them of the accident (no model cars, racing games, etc.). Personalized presents that remind the accident victim of pleasant memories and take their mind away from their injuries are often best.

Let’s say your friend is a new mother, for example. She’ll likely receive Mother’s Day presents from children and other family members, but you can do your part as well. Why not create a personalized photo book of some of your best memories together? The joy such a gift can bring is worth more than any monetary value, and they’ll treasure it forever.

Help them collect evidence.

One way or another, your friend is going to need fair compensation for medical expenses, wages lost due to the injury, and any other trauma they’ve suffered, physical or emotional. They may be able to get compensation from their insurance company, but they’ll need evidence regarding the car accident to properly file their claim.

You can help out by taking photos of any injuries they received, as well as property damage to their vehicle or other belongings. You may even be able to reach out to witnesses and collect statements on their behalf if they’re still hospitalized. Any bit of evidence you can collect will come in handy for insurance claims, and even a legal case, if it comes to that.

Recommend an expert attorney.

It’s possible that you’ve dealt with a car accident injury before, or you may know someone who has, so you can recommend attorneys to contact if your friend needs to pursue litigation. You’ll want to think of someone highly skilled like Malliha Wilson. Malliha is experienced in a variety of complex litigation forms, including human rights litigation, labor law, and many more. She earned her law degree from McGill University and was the first visible minority to serve as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Government of Ontario. She currently serves as the Senior Counsel for Nava Wilson LLP.

If you can find a car accident or personal injury attorney with the kind of expertise Malliha brings to the table, you’ll give your friend their best possible chance at a successful outcome. If there’s any silver lining to an injury case, it’s that the attorneys are typically paid on a contingent basis. This means that your friend will only owe payment as a percentage of their settlement if they win the case.