Having it All: Mom Life in Nashville

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When my daughter was born, she had black hair and wide, blue eyes. She looked right at me and all around the delivery room– as if she were taking everything in. I knew she was going to be a perceptive soul. Of course, a few weeks after she was born, I had to find a special person to watch her while I went back to work. I needed a nanny agency in Nashville, TN where I live.

I found a nanny who is so wonderful with our girl. They read stories together, do puzzles, and sing the ABCs. My daughter is almost two years old now, and our nanny has been in her life since the beginning. If it weren’t for our nanny, my daughter would have never heard of the children’s group The Wiggles. She loves this group so much that we are going to get a wiggles-themed birthday party for her in June.

It’s special to know I can trust my daughter’s caregiver when I need to work. My job is in higher education, and it has been nice to leave for work in the morning and be able to think about the day ahead, rather than fear whether or not my child will have a good day. Usually, she and the nanny are already pulling out her favorite stuffed animal and singing together by the time I head out the door.

My daughter misses her nanny when they aren’t together. It’s great to have someone who cares about my kiddo and has the ability to connect with her. I love my work at Tennessee State University, and I hope someday my daughter will attend there, but for now she’s happy learning about shapes and colors with her friend the nanny.

I do treasure the weekends together with my daughter. Over Christmas break, we went to the Adventure Science Center. My daughter’s favorite exhibit was the Vapor Vortex. She loved trying to blow on the tornado, and she giggled as the bigger kids played along.

The next place I want to take her is to the Aquarium Restaurant! My daughter loves watching nature shows with sharks in them (probably because she loves Baby Shark so much), and I know she will get a kick out of seeing all the aquatic animals swimming around. There’s something about water as a medium that seems so peaceful.

I have a full and exciting life, a job that is fulfilling, and a nanny agency in Nashville, TN that I love. Whoever said you can’t have it all has never been to this incredible city.