Hot Tub Filters: When to Clean, When to Change

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Long-lasting, reliable artesian spa filters make your jacuzzi saturate with pure satisfaction.

Hot tub filters are your good friend.

They keep the bad stuff out of the water, so you as well as your tub stay healthy and balanced.

They strive. If you assist them, they can even lower how usually you have to drain, as well as fill your hot tub.

Here’s what to do to maintain filters functioning appropriately and your water clean:

    • BUTTON. Hop on the water cleaning program to keep your jacuzzi water as well as maintain filters in their best working order.
  • ADD AFTER SOAKING. Every time you leave the hot tub, add a clarifier, as well as run the jets for ten minutes. As soon as a week, add water clarifier granules.
  • HIGH-PRESSURE WASH. Every four weeks, rinse filters utilizing the high-pressure nozzle on your yard tube, ideal with a Water Wand hose accessory. Do not fail to remember to unplug the jacuzzi, or switch off the breakers on 220v models, prior to eliminating the filters!
  • CLEAN. At the very least once a month, offer the filters a comprehensive cleaning. Always, clean when you drain as well as fill up the hot tub for best water quality. To clean, spray with clarifier. Even filters that look clean can be blocked sufficiently to cause circulation as well as heater problems. You require a dishwashing machine cleaning agent or cleaner for a complete cleaning that can strips out oils, as well as great particles trapped inside the pleats.
  • CRUCIAL: With the introduction of clarifier, better filter cleaner we recommend its use rather than placing your filters in the dishwashing machine. We no more advise filter cleaning in your dishwasher.
  • RETURN PROPERLY. When you return the tidy filters to the area, make certain that in shape effectively, so 100% of the streaming water is filtered.
  • SANITIZE. Always preserve proper water chemistry. Filters are the initial step to clean water; however, they do not kill germs.
  • ADDITIONAL HELP. Use oil and dirt absorbers in your jacuzzi to absorb oils, remove the residue line, and boost filter effectiveness.